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CEAT offers 8 tyre models for cars. The CEAT Milaze X3, which starts at Rs. 2245 is the cheapest car tyre offered by CEAT in India. The most expensive car tyre in the CEAT portfolio is the CEAT CZAR A/T, which retails at Rs. 9655.
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Size: 145/70 R12Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 122
Size: 145/80 R12Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 118
Size: 145/80 R12Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 487
Size: 165/65 R13Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 281
Size: 145/70 R13Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 131
Size: 145/80 R13Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 194
Size: 155/65 R13Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 145
Size: 155/80 R13Type: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 322
Size: 155/70 R13Type: Tubeless
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CEAT Tyres Price List

8 Models available
Model namePrice Range
CEAT Milaze X3
19 Sizes available
2,245 - 4,545
CEAT Fuel Smarrt
12 Sizes available
2,635 - 7,040
8 Sizes available
4,988 - 7,700
CEAT Steelplus
1 Size available
CEAT SecuraDrive
5 Sizes available
5 Sizes available
6,000 - 9,655
4 Sizes available
6,900 - 9,315
2 Sizes available
7,340 - 7,400

Ask our Tyre expert

Rahul Singhvia Google

I need a tubeless tyre for my Scorpio S8 and I have limited budget. Can You Please recommend me a tyre which I should buy.

Hi Rahul ,

Since you have a limited budget, I'd say that you go for Aeolus CrossAce AS02. It is a decent tyre and should do the job. But honestly, we haven't tested it.

If you can stretch your budget then look at going for CEAT Czar H/T tyres. This is definitely a very reliable product.


Reetesh Singhvia Google

Which tyre is better secure drive or Fuel smart

Hi Reetesh,

Both these tyres are fairly good in terms of their performance and traction. But there are some clear distinctions.

Fuel Smart is basically a fuel-efficient tyre from CEAT. It has low rolling resistance and thus consumes less fuel. Customers in their feedback have mentioned around 7 to 10% increase in fuel efficiency. The tyre also offers confident dry and wet grip along with a good tread life.

CEAT Secura Drive however is a bit better in terms of grip and stability. This tyre performs really good over wet surfaces and also responds well to steering inputs.

So, if your priority is fuel efficiency and you drive at moderate speed then go for FuelSmarrt . But if you are looking at good high-speed stability and handling along with good wet and dry grip then go for Secura Drive. 

In fact, due to good grip levels, SecuraDrive is being used as stock tyre on the latest Hyundai Verna.

Hope this helps.



Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

About CEAT Tyres

Ceat is one of the globally acclaimed brands that manufactures high performance tyres for a wide range of vehicles. This is the flagship firm of the RPG Enterprises, which was founded way back in year 1958. Its headquarters are situated in Worli, which is a suburb in the city of Mumbai. At present, it records a yearly turnover of around Rs. 1,952 crores, which equals to US $434 million. This leading corporation manufactures more than 95,000 tyres on a daily basis, which are known for their superior grip on any road condition. The manufacturing units of Ceat tyres are present in some of the major cities of the country. These include Nashik (Maharashtra) and Halol (Gujarat) as well, which is close to the city of Baroda. Apart from these, it owns six production plants along with ten outsourcing units for tyres, flaps and tubes. Moreover, it has three 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler plants that are controlled by the company itself. There are a number of Ceat dealers available in various cities, which help the buyers to select tyres with ease. This is the nation's first firm to receive the TUV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) certification, which indicates that these products have met the quality standards as well as safety requirements. Ceat tyres in India are now more well established and can take on the competitors very easily.

This company has been successful in making a mark of its own in the global tyre market. It has received a number of awards from the time of its commencement. Some of its achievements include:

  • World Consulting and Research Corporation has named it in Asia's 100 best and fastest growing marketing brand.
  • Franchisee Association of India bestowed it with Best Innovation Award for 2007 – 2008.
  • In year, 2011 this firm was given the Consumer Award for Cause Based Marketer.
  • TATA Motors in year 2013 awarded it with the Best Supplier Award.
  • They received the Best Direct Marketing Campaign honor of the year 2013.
  • Won the Top Export Award during 2013 – 2014 for excellence in export of automobile tyres.
  • Franchising World magazine has listed it among the top 100 Franchise Opportunities in 2014.

Meanwhile, this company has also adopted Tirad Seth, which is a suburb situated near Nashik, for its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.
Corporate Social Responsibility:
Besides producing quality tyres, Ceat tyres India supports primary education, development of health and local community, women empowerment and a few others as a part of its CSR policy. It has also introduced various programs like Pehlay Akshar, Saksham, Swayam, Jeevan and a few others.  
The company keeps coming up with new plans and methods of doing business with its partners, which are some of the leading automobile makers in India. Ceat dealers are always stacked up with ample stock for varied automobiles. These include Bajaj, Force Motors, Maruti, Ashok Leyland, Asia Motor Works, Mahindra and Mahindra, Royal Enfield and many other well known companies. These collaborations have resulted in the production of highly durable products for Indian vehicles, besides keeping the their prices at a reasonable range.
Products for Various Segments:
A wide array of tyres are offered by the company that are suitable for different kinds of vehicles. These include passenger cars, tractors, heavy duty trucks, motorcycles, trailers, SUVs and light commercial vehicles as well. Ceat keeps the prices of its products in an economical range in comparison to the products of other companies.


Average Rating Based on all reviews
  • Pretty Satisfactory
    By Posted on 2019-05-17 15:10:58

    My first-gen Yamaha Fazer has been rocking the Ceat Gripp motorcycle tyres and it has been a pretty satisfactory experience. Though the bike doesn’t come with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), the tyres provide enough grip to ensure that the bike stops in a mannered way, even during emergency braking. The fact that these tyres are designed for wading-off rainwater, thanks to their deep grooves on the surface, helps a ton in making them one of the best tyres to use while riding in heavy rains. However, I have found that the sidewall of these tyres isn’t as strong as some of the others and thus owners need to be careful of not scraping the tyres on a pavement or big rock.

  • Better grip and comfort
    By Posted on 2019-04-26 19:06:34

    I have been using CEAT tyres in my car from last 2 years and haven't faced any big issues while driving on bad roads as well. Have a good driving experience in terms of comfort, grip, tyre noise, and performance. Tyres truly justify their cost. They give smooth and quite better riding experience.

  • Value for money
    By Posted on 2019-04-26 17:28:36

    I was looking to buy a new tyre for my bike, at first I was a little bit confused which brand should I buy. But on a friend's recommendation I opted CEAT tyre for my bike. The price was reasonable, the technician at the CEAT showroom were helpful and till date, I have not encountered any problem. For me, it has done the job of value for money.

  • CEAT Experience
    By Posted on 2019-04-26 16:53:29

    I think CEAT is one of the best tires company in India compare to MRF. Cost is Higher then MRF but it is flexible and long tour tires and my dad always go with CEAT and I Think My dad is right.

  • good one
    By Posted on 2015-05-25 11:12:08
    The only thing is that when you take curves in a speed of 60km/h or above you will feels like that the vehicle is gone out of control.. Just like slipping... Which is not happened while using the stock one which is MRF NYLOGRIP

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