User Reviews for CEAT Tyres

User Reviews for CEAT Tyres
Based on 193 User reviews

User Reviews for CEAT Tyres

  • Outstanding Traction

    I purchased a set of CEAT GRIPP X3 Tyre for my car. Its high rubber content offers long tread life and maintain good balance and grip on road. Outstanding traction and responsive braking capability. There is a best protector profile in its which helps to reduce the damage of the tyre during moving on rough terrain.


    By harsh
    On: 2020-11-06 12:00:39
  • Good Road Grip

    Best Tyre for My Yamaha FZS. I have riden about approx 195km in a mix of city, highway and little on wet patches and gravel. Tyres seem to have good road grip in dry conditions and did well on gravel. I wii give 5/5 for the tyre. Stability is very good.


    By usman
    On: 2020-11-06 11:25:40
  • Best Wet Grip

    My ride is very smooth and comfortable now with CEAT Milaze X3 Tyres for my Honda Jazz Car. It is Well-balanced tyre which gives very good grip in every condition even in wet condition. it can be managed easily without feeling any pain in the back. it provides Better Braking with durability. It is good for both the front and rear wheels.


    By prabha
    On: 2020-11-06 11:20:35
  • Comfort & Lower Noise

    It has been 5 months ago when I purchaed this tyre for My Maruti Ciaz car. Its excellent wet and dry braking provides long-term even tread wear and Better ride comfort and lower noise. Its Low tyre noise makes better ride. All rounder performance including comfortable ride.


    By pritpal
    On: 2020-11-06 10:36:36
  • Excellent Tyres

    The previous tyres of my bike were emitting loud noise and making the journey uncomfortable. So, I replaced them with the new CEAT GRIPP X3 tyres as they are made with a longlasting rubber aggregate that helps to minimize the noise emissions. Besides this, the tyre has a tread block connectors make for a comfortable and stable ride.


    By aksh
    On: 2020-11-04 11:12:07
  • Rocking

    I am using this tyre for both front and rear for my TVS Apache RTR 160 and I can challenge there is no tyre which can compete with CEAT. It gives outstanding performence. I ride more than 20000 Km but till now it look like a new rubber. Most of my riding path is rough but no damage to tyre. I highly recommend it.


    By amrish
    On: 2020-11-04 11:02:48


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