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Continental Tyres Price List16 Models available

Model name
Price Range
11 Sizes available
2,358 - 5,111
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21 Sizes available
4,800 - 11,200
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ContiMaxContact MC5
14 Sizes available
5,100 - 12,190
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ContiCrossContact AT
12 Sizes available
5,111 - 13,500
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5 Sizes available
6,750 - 15,990
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ContiCrossContact LX 2
4 Sizes available
8,600 - 13,100
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ContiSportContact 5 P
2 Sizes available
10,775 - 21,500
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ContiSportContact 3
5 Sizes available
11,800 - 14,200
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ContiSportContact 5
15 Sizes available
12,400 - 29,000
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ContiCrossContact UHP
4 Sizes available
16,560 - 27,000
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Ask our Tyre expert

Sandeep Yadavvia Google

Hi Tell me continental tyre is best or bridgestones

Hello Sandeep,

While both are good brands, yet, Continental tyres offer better performance and traction. However, please ensure that you buy Continental tyres from authorized dealers only and get a valid invoice and warranty card.



Amit Jainvia Facebook

195/65 r 15 tyre range superb kaun si hai

Hi Amit,

It would have been great if you would have told me the vehicle you are using and your particularrequirements. Still, you can see all tyres in size 195/65 R15 by clicking here.

Apollo Alnac 4GS would be a good tyre to begin with. If offer good comfort and traction. Another tyre which offers good value for money would be Hankook Optimo K415. It offers superior wet and dry grip and superior comfort.

If budget is not a constraint then go for Michelin Energy XM2 or Continental Conti Max Contact MC5.


Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

About Continental Tyres

The German based company Continental AG or simply Continental, is engaged in manufacturing tyres, chassis components and some other products for the transportation as well as automotive industries. It is the fourth biggest tyre maker in the world, which has a strong customer base. The company carries out its operations in several countries that include India as well. It started functioning in 2008 and was founded in the year 2011, when Continental AG acquired Modi Tyres Company Private Limited. Its headquarters are located in the Bangalore city and presently, it has a human capital of 1500, approximately. With a total revenue of around 32.7 billion pounds as of 2012, the manufacturer makes its place in the list of leading automotive suppliers in the world. The manufacturing plants of this corporation are located in some of the major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon and Manesar. Moreover, there are quite a few Continental dealers available, who aid buyers in purchasing finest products for their vehicles.
This company was founded in 1871 as Continental-Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie in Hanover, Germany. In 1904, it developed grooved tyres for automobiles and until 1926, it was engaged in manufacturing solid tyres for bicycles and carriages, rubber components as well as rubberized fabrics. In 1955, air springs for buses and trucks were developed and it went on to produce environment friendly tyres during 1990s, especially for passenger cars. Meanwhile, the Automotive Systems division was also set up in that time for enhancing the systems business. It has acquired the US company's Automotive Brake and Chassis unit in 1998. Meanwhile, the acquisition of Modi Tyres Company Private Limited took place in 2011. The next year, it built the radial PLT (passenger and light truck) green tyre, while in 2013, the first TBR (radial truck and bus) green tyre was produced at Modipuram in Uttar Pradesh. At present, the company is aiming to increase its brand value by offering quality products at affordable prices.
Continental tyres India offers numerous products for passenger cars, vans, buses, SUVs and trucks as well. The manufacturer has got good reviews so far among the masses. Some of its products include:

  • ContiWinterContact TS 850.
  • ContiSportContact 5.
  • ContiPremiumContact2.
  • ContiCrossContact Winter.
  • Vanco Contact 2.
  • Vanco Camper.

On the other hand, it offers a wide range of bike tyres for off road, sport touring and classic racing. Continental tyres in India is available in an attractive range that can be met by various customers. The list of some of these products include:

  • TKC 70
  • ContiMove365
  • ContiMilestone
  • ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO
  • ContiClassicAttack
  • ContiTwist Supermoto

Apart from tyres, the company also supplies hydraulic parts, wheel sensors, fuel supply systems, engine actuators, tyre pressure monitoring systems and many others. just like the company's tyre range, these products will also match with the level of your budget.  
Corporate Social Responsibility:
Continental tyres India ltd considers corporate social responsibility and sustainable management as a part of its core fundamental values. This will help in strengthening the culture of solidarity and at the same time, it will contribute to the value based corporate management.

User Reviews for Continental Tyres 


Average Rating Based on all reviews
  • Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 2 MO FR ML: A model with good braking ability.
    By Posted on 2015-03-09 11:18:23

    This is a tyre that brings the best of everything to its owner. It has grip to suit all surfaces, and braking ability to clean out corners with strain-less ease. Precision steering helps the vehicle with the very best that control can give. The tread life is made for the highest and sturdiest build, ensuring lasting quality. The radial also enhances subtle features, giving the vehicle a better fuel economy, and bringing down energy consumption. A comfortable, quiet and peaceful ride are also granted with a radial such as this one. All in all, the CONTISPORTCONTACT 2 MO FR ML affirms just why Continental is the most grand manufacturer in the world of tyre building.

  • Continental ContiCrossContact AT Owl A model with good traction and cornering ability.
    By Posted on 2015-03-09 11:09:34

    This ContiCrossContact AT Owl is a tyre model with engineering at its top notch. This is a radial that hits the finest with respect to all features in a tyre. It has an excellent grip on both dry and wet grounds. It offers smooth and safer braking ability. A far more precise steering response upgrades control for the vehicle wearing this tyre. It is made to withstand all anomalies of a road, with an outer format that is made to resist cuts, tears and punctures. It is highly durable and fuel economy is also improved with its lower rolling resistance. This tyre seals its benefits with a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride for its passengers.