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Aeolus offers 9 tyre models for cars.. The Aeolus GreenAce AG02, which starts at Rs. 1846 is the cheapest car tyre offered by Aeolus in India. The most expensive car tyre in the Aeolus portfolio is the Aeolus SteeringAce AU01, which retails at Rs. 10647.
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Views in last 3 days - 72
Size: 155/80 R13 79TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 120
Size: 155/70 R13 75TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 112
Size: 175/70 R13 82TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 77
Size: 175/70 R13 82TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 457
Size: 195/65 R15 91HType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 63
Size: 165/65 R13 77TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 146
Size: 195/65 R15 91HType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 66
Size: 175/65 R14 82HType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 78
Size: 165/70 R14 81TType: Tubeless
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Aeolus Tyres Price List

9 Models available
Model namePrice Range
Aeolus GreenAce AG02
6 Sizes available
1,846 - 3,187
Aeolus GreenAce AG01
3 Sizes available
2,443 - 3,658
Aeolus PrecisionAce AH01
10 Sizes available
2,902 - 5,933
Aeolus ECO Touring Ace AG03
5 Sizes available
3,371 - 5,492
Aeolus CrossAce AS02
5 Sizes available
4,640 - 7,848
Aeolus SteeringAce AU01
3 Sizes available
4,673 - 10,647
Aeolus CrossAce AS01
2 Sizes available
4,775 - 7,499
Aeolus PrecisionAce AH02
1 Size available
Aeolus SteeringAce AU02
1 Size available

Ask our Tyre expert

Rahul Singhvia Google

I need a tubeless tyre for my Scorpio S8 and I have limited budget. Can You Please recommend me a tyre which I should buy.

Hi Rahul ,

Since you have a limited budget, I'd say that you go for Aeolus CrossAce AS02. It is a decent tyre and should do the job. But honestly, we haven't tested it.

If you can stretch your budget then look at going for CEAT Czar H/T tyres. This is definitely a very reliable product.


Naveen Sharma

I am having dezire diesel engine car from Suzuki company and in 35000 km my Bridgestone tyres are need to replace because of wear and tear. Kindly guide me why this is happening
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Hi Naveen,

Generally tyres lasts for about 40,000-50,000 km. However this figure is just an estimated figure. Tyre wear depends on number of factors like your driving style, general maintenance like alignment/balancing and checking tyre pressures regularly. 


Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

About Aeolus Tyres

Company Overview:

Aeolus is one of the highly acclaimed brands that manufacture tyres for all kinds of automotives. It was founded in the year 1965 in Jiaozuo, a city in China. It produces approximately 5.5 million tyres globally each year, making it one of the top 20 tyre makers in the world. It has made its mark all over the world besides a rock solid reputation, which continues to grow in the market. From October 21 2003, its stocks are being exchanged at SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange). Some of its key products include HENAN brand, AEOLUS brand off-road tyres, bus bias tyres and a few others. Being registered in over 80 countries, its products are exported to more than 140 regions across the world. The Aeolus Ace series and a specific range of agricultural tyres have been a great success in the market. It also has a few Research centers wherein, every product is independently tested. Besides all these, the brand also focuses on the environment and produces eco-friendly tyres to cut down the carbon footprints.


This company manufactures tyres for all kinds of terrains and seasons. At present, there are products available for cars and SUVs. Some of these are as follows:

SteeringAce AU01
PrecisionAce AH01
GreenAce AG02
GreenAce AG01
PrecisionAce AH02
CrossAce AS01
GreenAce AG02
ECO Touring Ace AG03
CrossAce AS02


Aeolus is credited with the following certifications in the past years.

1997 - China Tyre Product Quality Authorization.
2000 - ISO 9001 Quality System Authorization.
2000 - CNAB Authorization.
2000- DOT certificate (USA).
2000 - E-MARK Authorization.
2001 - ISO 9002 Product Quality Certification.
2002 - GS-9000 of TüV (Germany).
2003 - ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Certifiaction.
2007 - ISO/IEC 17025 - 2005 Laboratory Accreditation Certification.
2009 - Certificate for the exemption from export inspection.


Aeolus has a huge investment in tyre technology. It has even set up a modern technology centre along with four R&D (Research and Development) centres for elastomers and tyres. All its manufacturing units follow strict guidelines and are ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 certified.


Average Rating Based on all reviews
  • Improves stability at higher speeds
    By Posted on 2019-09-19 10:42:47

    The stock tyres of my cars were completely worn out and required replacement as soon as possible. As I was in a hurry, I did not get much time on the research for a good set of tyres, and I randomly went for Aeolus PrecisionAce tyres for my car. I was very sceptical regarding the performance of these tyres, and to my shock, they performed really well. They not only offered better grip on low-friction surfaces but also increased the stability on higher speeds, which was the best thing considering the price point of this tyre. 

    After reading the manual provided with the tyres, I came to know that it comes with reinforced bars in the shoulder grooves that help it to offer excellent stability and handling. The only downside that I felt was a short decline in the fuel economy, but that can be neglected considering the other features. 


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