User Reviews for Maxxis Tyres
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User Reviews for Maxxis Tyres

  • Good performance

    I have installed M6301 on my 2nd gen Yamaha R15. I have done almost 10,000 km on these tyres and these tyres are absolute value for money. These tyres provide excellent water dispersal and wet traction. My bike does not offer ABS but with these tyres, I have never faced any problem on wet roads. The grip while cornering the bike is very good it provides a lot of confidence. They provide a good amount of high-speed stability, even at speed of 120-130 km there is no wobbling at all. Even if I take my bike on track I am sure it will not disappoint me. At this price, no other brand will offer you such grip and performance. The only thing that I didn’t like about the tyre is that it decreased the mileage figure.

    By manish sharma
    On: 2019-05-27 06:28:40
  • Value for Money Product

    I have been using Maxxis MA-Z1 205/55r15.. I Must say its the Best Tire Available in India.. Has adaptive Grip & Great looks.. I'm Loving It..!!

    By kapil chhabra
    On: 2015-09-30 02:24:03
  • A high end stability ensured with the Maxxis MA-307.

    Maxxis has established itself as one of the finest tyre making firms, whose products are supplied to various countries in the world. Out of the numerous models it has produced, this MA-307 is a tough tyre that is suitable for extreme off road driving conditions. It is a puncture resistance radial that gives an impressive performance be it, dry or wet surfaces. Its grooves aid in effectively flushing out water to prevent the risk of hydroplaning. All these features together, makes this tyre one of the finest in terms of overall performance.

    By rajesh ambure
    On: 2015-03-06 05:14:40
  • The Maxxis UA-603, a pioneer for the best traction.

    Maxxis is a well established tyre company that specializes in making a range of products that are suitable for different vehicles. Among its several models, this UA-603 is an all season tyre that functions perfectly on both dry as well as wet road conditions. Besides ensuring an excellent braking performance, it also offers an exceptional steering response. It is designed to provide an maximum grip on all surfaces while ensuring stability even during cornering. All in all, this is an  ideal choice for all those, who look for a comfortable and safe driving experience.

    By nisha
    On: 2015-03-06 05:12:26
  • The very firmest grip enabled by the Maxxis MA-Z1.

    This is one of the best radials from the Maxxis tyre brand. Grip is provided in its finest extent, in addition to the best braking capacity. The best steering response allows an upgrade in the vehicle's control and handling. It guarantees stability to sustain speeds, and balance to weave through tight spots. Its smooth driving capacity gives an unhindered flow of motion, and as a result, helps in conserving energy besides saving fuel. Its tread pattern also enables a quiet and comfortable drive, with gentle driving and a lower noise emission.

    By mukesh
    On: 2015-03-05 05:21:17
  • The most secure drive with the Maxxis MA-701.

    Maxxis tyre brand is one name that defines quality, reliability and performance. This company is engaged in producing an assorted range of tyres for different kinds of vehicles. This particular model named, MA-701 is constructed mainly for passenger cars, which ensures a comfort ride and maximum safety at the same time. Its tread is resistant to wears and tears, which prolongs it life. This model also maintains stability, provides excellent braking performance besides offering maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

    By praveen bhati
    On: 2015-03-03 04:22:03


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