User Reviews for Michelin Tyres

User Reviews for Michelin Tyres
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User Reviews for Michelin Tyres

  • satisfied with this tyre

    I came to know about the fantastic features of the Michelin Road 5 tyres from my friend and replaced the damaged tyre of my bike with the same. The performances of the tyres are beyond my expectations. I am very much satisfied with both of the superb wet grip and dry grip.


    By tarun
    On: 2020-03-17 11:16:34
  • Excellent Performance

    In my view, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres are the best tyres that I have ever selected for my SUV. The tyres offer me excellent handling and accurate steering response. Along with this, the tread pattern provides me with a tight grip and superior wet and dry traction. It helps the car to have an excellent braking performance.


    By tripti jha
    On: 2020-03-17 10:09:06
  • Extend the tyre life

    I have changed the worn-out tyres of my car with the Michelin Energy XM2 + tyres and found that it has all the essential features like short braking distance on wet surface, low rolling resistance for fuel efficiency, and innovative tread compound to extend the tyre life. The tyres make my driving experience more comfortable and secure.


    By rubhi
    On: 2020-03-16 10:35:01
  • Tyres enhanced the performance

    I have replaced the damaged tyres of my bike with the new Michelin PILOT SPORTY tyres. The outstanding features of the tyres enhanced the performance of my bike. I can easily handle my motorcycle while driving on a highway at high speed. Besides this, the quality of the tyre is also excellent, which make it durable and long-lasting.


    By rubal
    On: 2020-03-16 10:00:02
  • Smoothly drive on the wet

    Due to its highly innovative tread pattern, the Michelin Primacy 3 ST tyres offer me superior gripping ability on the ground, and I can smoothly drive on the wet or muddy road surface. Besides this, the high-quality material provides the tyres with high-strength to resist wear and tear while driving over rough road.


    By pawnesh kumar
    On: 2020-03-11 10:29:51
  • Outstanding gripping

    The old tyres of my SUV got replaced with the new Michelin LTX Force tyres four months ago. The robust construction of the tyres gives them the strength to withstand against the abrasion while moving over rough roads. The unique tread design offers me outstanding gripping and traction efficiency. The riding becomes more comfortable for the performance of the tyres.


    By s.k chawla
    On: 2020-03-06 07:52:17

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