User Reviews for Michelin Tyres

User Reviews for Michelin Tyres
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User Reviews for Michelin Tyres

  • Michelin - outstanding traction

    Michelin is well-known for manufacturing performance tyres, and that’s why I purchased it for my Honda City as I wanted to get extra performance. Just after installing the tyres, I felt a big difference in the braking segment, thanks to the silica compound that aids in offering superior wet braking. As it is performance tyre, I expected the fuel economy figures to go down, but to my surprise, it actually enhanced the fuel economy of my car. The low rolling resistance helped in putting less stress on the engine, which in return improved the mileage. I would surely recommend Michelin Energy XM2 for an amazing performance.

  • Performed perfectly

    Michelin is a premium brand of tyres, especially in comparison to more affordable, Indian manufactured versions. My new-gen Honda City has been rocking Michelins for the past one year and the overall experience has been fantastic. I do have some blisters on the tyres, thanks to the fact that I have driven the car for over 30,000 kms in this one year, even to hill stations like Manali. However, the way these tyres hug the road surface is commendable. I have been driving the City quite enthusiastically on the roads of Chandigarh and even during my many trips to nearby hill stations. And during all these trips, the tyres as well as the car have performed as perfectly as one can expect.

    By deepak sharma
    On: 2019-05-17 03:27:50
  • Michelin Pilot Road 4 A tyre model that ensures better ride quality.

    Pilot Road 4 is one of the tyre models offered by the Michelin brand, which is made with the help of latest technological methods. It is a sport touring radial that is constructed with rubber, new silica and a few other elements, which makes it highly durable and long lasting as well. It features a unique tread design that enhances grip on all surfaces, be it dry or wet road conditions. This radial enables short stopping distances and guarantees safe cornering. Besides these, it avoids the onset of aquaplaning and enhances traction on wet and slippery surfaces. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the stability of a vehicle at all times, while giving a better driving experience to its riders.

    By nishant
    On: 2015-03-27 05:37:12
  • Michelin Pilot Road 3 Developed to offer an impressive wet performance.

    Michelin is one of the renowned tyre making firms that has produced several high quality radials. One among its products named, Pilot Road 3 is constructed with various high grade elements that makes it long lasting as well as durable. It features an attractive tread pattern that has wider grooves and multiple sipes all over. It gives an excellent braking performance and maintains stability of a vehicle at all times. Moreover, it provides a peaceful ride by controlling the noise emissions. Maximum security is ensured while taking turns and even when driving at high speeds. It offers an enhanced grip on all roads besides giving better steering response. Its make with the advanced XST X-Sipe technology aids in improving water drainage action and prevents the onset of aquaplaning. Therefore, this model has all the qualities that a rider normally looks for in a radial.

    By ritika kalia
    On: 2015-03-27 05:34:44
  • Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 A model with exceptional steering response.

    At present, there are several companies that are engaged in producing high quality tyres and Michelin is one among them. This firm has made its mark in the tyre industry by catering to the needs of countless customers. Out of the various models it has offered, this PILOT SPORT 3 comes with an advanced tread pattern that can run on any surface. It is made with the blend of rubber, silica, high dense polymers and a few other high strength elements. All these together, makes it highly durable and long lasting as well. It maintains high level of traction on wet roads and protects a vehicle from skidding. Besides these, it also gives a healthy mileage and ensures its passengers a comfortable ride.

    By shekhar
    On: 2015-03-16 06:20:39
  • Michelin Primacy HP The tyre with finest braking ability.

    Today, Michelin stands atop the list of popular tyre companies that has offered high quality radials that are great in performance. This particular model named Primacy HP, is designed with an innovative tread that is further blended with compounds like elasto sport and silica. It is made to offer better braking on wet roads and has resistance to uneven wear. It features stronger tread blocks and sipes that makes the ride quite smoother and makes for safe cornering. It provides excellent steering response and makes handling an easy job for a driver.

    By vandana seth
    On: 2015-03-16 06:19:00


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