User Reviews for Yokohama Tyres

User Reviews for Yokohama Tyres
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User Reviews for Yokohama Tyres

  • Great Performance

    I have Yokohamas on my Ford Figo since 2015. I have painted the sidewall branding white in order to make the Yokohama lettering stand out. This matches the car’s white paint job and lends it a more aggressive road stance. The tyres have performed great. Thanks to their wider profile and them being 16-inchers, they fill in the Figo’s wheel well. The stock tyres have always looked quite puny to me. Hence, I upsized the rubber as soon as I got the delivery of my beloved hatchback. The Yokohama tyres have been doing their job brilliantly ever since. I am quite pleased by the way they handle different road conditions with ease. The grip on offer is amazing and inspires a lot of confidence in the driver to have fun while cornering.

    By vijendra
    On: 2019-05-17 03:30:29
  • Yokohama AA01 A model that ensures smooth and noise free ride.

    Today, Yokohama stands atop in the list of various tyre companies. This firm has a number of customers who prefer this brand over several others because of the quality it ensures in its products. Out of its several models, this AA01 is specifically made to offer a peaceful ride. It is capable of minimizing noise, improves fuel efficiency and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. It maintains good traction when driving on wet surfaces and avoids aquaplaning. The sipes as well as grooves further function to maintain stability and makes the ride quite safer for its passengers.

    By dharshan
    On: 2015-03-16 06:43:13
  • Exceptional stability ensured by the Yokohama DNA db ES501

    Yokohama is one of the reputed tyre making companies available in the market today. This firm offers a wide range of radials that suitable for different kinds of vehicles. Among the several products it has produced, this DNA db ES501 is particularly developed to provide an exceptional steering response and to maintain a vehicle's stability at all times. It has resistance to uneven wear and reduces the level of noise emissions. In addition to these, it is capable of improving mileage and prevents the onset of aquaplaning. Besides ensuring safe cornering at high speeds, it also guarantees a quieter ride for its passengers.

    By neeraj kumar
    On: 2015-03-16 06:41:12
  • Yokohama AVS db V550 A radial made to offer a noise free ride.

    This AVS db V550 tyre model from the Yokohama brand comes with an attractive tread featuring a directional pattern. This tread is specially made to offer a superior ride comfort to its passengers. It is capable of preventing aquaplaning and also inhibits the noise emissions. It ensures great handling by providing a better steering response, braking as well as cornering performance on all surfaces and high speeds as well. Moreover, its make with strong materials signifies its durability. All these qualities makes it one of the finest models that guarantees enhanced comfort without compromising with safety.

    By thomas
    On: 2015-03-11 05:41:16
  • Yokohama AR01 - A tyre with the best grip.

    Yokohama is one of the most trusted tyre brands, whose products are supplied to various countries all across the world. It specializes in offering radials for different kinds of vehicles. One of its models named AR01, is mainly developed for giving superior handling as well as grip no matter, if it is wet or dry roads. Its specially designed grooves function to evacuate water, while its rigid shoulders as well as sipes lessen the noise emissions. Therefore, all these features together makes it an ideal model to go with.

    By ritika kalia
    On: 2015-03-11 05:38:59
  • Yokohama AC01 The best cornering ability manifest.

    Yokohama proves its grandeur in the tyre industry through models such as this one. The AC01 is made for superior performance. It mixes high speed with stability and safe handling. In addition, it provides a range of other benefits for its vehicle, including lower noise levels, increased fuel economy, and a soothingly comfort drive.

    By gaurav gandhi
    On: 2015-03-04 12:41:57

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