User Reviews for Metzeler Tyres

User Reviews for Metzeler Tyres
Based on 10 User reviews

User Reviews for Metzeler Tyres

  • Better control and excellent gripping

    I got the Metzeler TOURANCE EXP tyres for my bike last week. The tyres help me to have better control and excellent gripping on the road. The performance of the tyres is excellent, and I am very much satisfied with it. The quality making of the tyres offers it higher strength and endurance against the rough roads.


    By sanjay
    On: 2020-03-11 10:27:21
  • Better control and stability

    The robust construction of the Metzeler SPORTEC M5I tyres makes it the perfect option for the sports bike. The superior grip and traction help me to have better control and stability while I drive on a highway at high speed. The quality of the tyres is also excellent and makes the tyres more durable and abrasion-resistant.


    By rakesh khuntia
    On: 2020-03-06 07:42:03
  • secure and comfortable tyre

    As the tread of the old tyres of my bike was not giving proper grip on the ground, I replaced the tyres with the new Metzeler SPORTEC M3 F tyres. After the replacement bike riding becomes more secure and comfortable. The tyres offer me an outstanding performance, including braking efficiency, traction effect and cornering ability.


    By r.k bhatia
    On: 2020-03-04 08:04:54
  • Admirable Tyre

    In my view, the Metzeler ROADTECH Z6 tyres are the perfect tyres for highway lovers like me. The tyres offer me to have better control and handling on my bike while driving at high speed. The high-quality gripping ability provides enhanced stability on the road. The braking performance of the tyres is also admirable.


    By akshay
    On: 2020-03-02 10:00:49
  • Good Fuel Saving

    I am using the tyre since last 2 year, It has very good durability and ride comfort ..... love to have it

    By sumit
    On: 2016-04-02 07:06:02
  • Metzeler Roadtech Z6, a radial that grants excellent grip.

    Metzeler designates its position as one of the leaders in the tyre business with models such as this. The Roadtech Z6 is radial engineering in its finest, with grip and traction on all surfaces, along with superior braking capacity. The steering response is also top notch, further upgrading control for a vehicle. This radial also aids in bringing down the fuel consumption. A peaceful and comfortable ride is also assured. This, without a doubt, is a product of the very toughest engineering.

    By amit shrivastava
    On: 2015-03-06 05:33:06

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