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Mohammed Javidvia Google

Hi Siddharth, My Verna Fluidic standard tyre size is 195/55/16. There is no doubt i would be going for a 205 tyre size, but was wondering what would be the effects of putting a 205/50/16 tyre. I drive pretty much within City (bangalore) daily basis. Would this lower the ground clearance to an extent where the vehicle will get bumped regularly?

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Hi Mohammed,

The impact on ground clearance would not be very significant.This is because the ground clearance will only decrease by a few milimetres. The actual problem is that you are going for low profile tyres. This means that you will have great fun while cornering and revving up the vehicle hard but the tyres would have to endure a lot. The sidewalls would transfer the stress on to the rims//alloys and this would also make the ride quality bumpy.

So, your rims/alloys could be damaged, the tyre could get relatively easily damaged. You can go for 205/55 R16 if you have a moderate driving style. In case have to go for a low profile tyre then go for a durable one, somethign with stiffer sidewalls.


romil shahvia Google

please suggest best tyres for Verna 1.6 SX-0. At present using the company fitted B250. Need to change owing to bulges.

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Hi Romil,

Just so you know, if the tyres aren't older than 3 years then you can have them replaced for free under warranty because tyre bulge is a manufacturing defect, covered under warranty.

In case they warranty period is over then Apollo Alnac 4G would be a good tyre to begin with. If you want something better then go for Falken Sincera SN-835.

In case you are looking at something exceptionally good and budget is not a constraint then go for Bridgestone MY-02 Sporty Style tyre.


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