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mateen shaikhvia Google

Please recommend tyre for Avenger 220 2011 model both fron and rear.

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Hi Mateen Shaikh,

Following are my recommendations for your Avenger:

Front- MRF Zapper FS

Rear- MRF Zapper Y



Kshitij Shuklavia Facebook

Hi I have a Bajaj Avenger Cruise and I'm thinking about upgrading the rear tyre to Pirelli M66 Route 150/15. Would be a good decision and are there any compatibility issues?

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Hi Kshitij,

Yes, you can fit Pirelli M66 Route tyre on your current rim but I don't think it will offer much performance gain. Pirelli is definitely a better tyre than MRF but MRF 130/90-15 size tyre is adequete of Avenger. However, if you want to upsize for the looks then you can go ahead. With the Pirelli Circumference will increase by 5.9%, width and sidewall height by 15.4%. So, check it the pirelli tyre has enough clearance from the Motorcycle's hard parts. Also see- 5 tips for buying Motorcycle tyre.


Harry Watchavia Google

Hi Sid, Just need some clarification on tyres... I have an Avenger 220 DTSI 2011 model and has completed 30k, Km... need to change the tyres. Saw some online. 130/90/15.... but Only MRF.. Can I use a 130/90/17 instead... or will I have to change the rim too. I m not perticular about mileage given by the bike. Please revert back ASAP....

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Hi Harry,

Offcourse you will have to change the rim. 17 inch tyres can only be installed on the 17 inch rim. However, I will not recommend you to use 17 inch tyres on the Avenger as it  drastically alters the geometry of the motorcycle. Go for MRF Zapper tyres, they are decent tyres.


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