MRF Tyres ZAPPER (Scooter) 3.50/10

MRF ZAPPER (Scooter)

Tube tyre for Bikes

  • 3.50/10
  • 5 Years
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This radial features a sophisticated tread compound that gives precise steering response besides reducing fuel consumption. 


1) Sticky compound – Guarantees excellent handling even at high speeds.
Benefit -  Safety ensured when taking turns.

2) Lateral grooves – Disperses water from under the tyre.
Benefit – Prevents skidding.


  • Width

    3.5 is the width in millimetres of the tyres cross section.

  • Rim

    10 inches, stands for the diameter of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit.

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MRF Tyres ZAPPER (Scooter) 3.50/10