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JK Challenger S63

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JK Challenger S63 Highlights

JK Challenger S63 is a tube type scooter tyre available in 10 and 12 inch size range. There are 2 sizes available . With a price range of Rs 1350 - Rs 1600, the Challenger S63 tyre is an ideal fitment for bike like the Honda Activa, Piaggio Vespa Elegante, Honda Activa 125, Honda Dio, TVS Scooty, and Yamaha Ray.

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JK Challenger S63 Price List

Tyre SizeTypePrice
JK Challenger S63 90/100 R10
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JK Challenger S63 90/90 R12
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JK Challenger S63 Features

About JK Challenger S63

The innovative tread pattern of this tyre makes it perform ably over wet as well as dry surfaces. Circumferential and lateral grooves make for good wet grip. Supple sidewalls help in absorbing bumps and potholes.

Features & Benefits-

  • Center groove pattern provides for reliable and comfortable ride quality
  • Uniformly distributed lateral grooves provide for better wet and dry traction
  • Fortified carcass & supple sidewalls provide for better bump absorption
  • Robust construction makes for high puncture resistance
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JK Challenger S63 Warranty

Standard Manufacturer's Warranty:5 Years

What is covered and for how long?

For a period of five years from the date of manufacture or from the date of invoice (Proof of 

purchase is required), or till the tyre tread is worn up to Tread Wear Indicators (TWI), which 

ever is earlier, irrespective of kilometer covered.

  •  Tyre warranty is applicable to the first owner of the product.
  •  Warranty claims will be routed through OEMs/OEM’s Dealer, JK tyre authorised dealers to the 
  • nearest JK Tyre office with a OEM/dealer warranty form/letter/telegram or email.
  • Tyre/tube under complaint will be examined by Service personnel or JK Tyre authorized personnel and the decision will be taken at the time of inspection.
  •  Warranty claim findings made by JK Tyre service personnel or trained or authorized personnel would be binding.


  • Tyres worn beyond tread wear indicator
  •  Tyres with road hazard damages (thru cuts, external injuries, impact break, punctures, repairable 
  •   or not repairable)
  •  Damages on account of incorrect mounting /demounting, improper wheel alignment, balancing.
  •  Tyre damage due to vehicle mechanical irregularities.
  • Tyres fitted with vehicles carrying of overload , running with high speeds or tyres with under inflation/over inflation.
  •  Tyres which have not been fitted in accordance with the technical recommendations of the company as published from time to time or recommended care and maintenance.
  •  Tyres damage on account of accident, fire, chemical explosion, tyre alteration or vandalism.
  •  Tyres with Ply/Cords exposed, repaired or retreaded .
  •  Tyres with severe uneven wear/ misalignment (MAL) wear.
  •  Tyre defects due to climatic conditions, ozone and improper storage.
  •  Tyres purchased from unauthorized or second hand dealers.
  •  Warranty is limited only for manufacturing defects as stated in warranty statement.
  •  This warranty is only applicable in India.
  •  The company reserve the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of aforesaid 
  • warranty policy without having any obligation or notice.
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Frequently Asked Questions on JK Challenger S63

Is JK Challenger S63 good for Indian roads?

Yes,JK Challenger S63 is a good tyre for Indian roads. It is available in the following sizes JK Challenger S63 90/100 R10 and JK Challenger S63 90/90 R12. However, we would suggest you choose tyre on the basis of driving conditions and behavior.

What is the required tyre air pressure for JK Challenger S63?

The required Tyre Pressure for JK Challenger S63 front and rear tyre depends upon the vehicle. To know the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle Click here

Can I use JK Challenger S63 Tyre for off-road touring?

Not all tyres are good for off-roading. These tyres use deep tread to provide more traction on unpaved surfaces such as loose dirt, mud, sand, or gravel. If you don't spend a lot of time driving in the mud, you might do better with all-terrain tyres for your daily commute. All-terrain tyres are used for traction on all kinds of surfaces, including on and off-road.

Is JK Challenger S63 tyre available on emi?

Yes, you can avail emi option on JK Challenger S63.

Is JK Challenger S63 compatible with Bike?

JK Challenger S63 is available in 10 to 12 inches tyre size and are compatible with various Bike models.

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Recently Asked User Questions About JK Tyre

  • rakesh kumar asked 10-Jan-2024 18:33:39
    My tubeless tyre (rear, 80 100 18) of new Hero glamour model has pinned by a nail & damage from side, so 2-3 puncturewala advised to change tyre. Which tyre company is best ?

    The puncture repair experts have suggested you right. You can choose tyre patterns between JK Blaze, MRF Zapper, and Michelin City Pro.

    Answered 16-Jan-2024 12:01:17
  • central operations asked 09-Jan-2024 17:51:11
    best tyre for pulsar 150td

    For Bajaj Pulsar 150, you can pick tyre patterns between JK Blaze, CEAT Gripp X3, and Michelin City Pro.

    Answered 16-Jan-2024 11:58:20
  • rx pradeep asked 02-Jan-2024 13:36:10
    I want to change my back tyre for my rx100 bike, soi want suitable tyre size and afforadable price of tyre.

    The Yamaha RX100 is fitted with 3.00-18 tyre size at the back. There are many durable tyre options available for it, which includes CEAT Milaze, JK Blaze and Ralco Speed Blaster.

    Answered 12-Jan-2024 13:50:11
  • sameer shaikh asked 16-Oct-2023 17:33:54
    I want to change my rear tyre of xpulse 200 4v

    For Hero Xpulse 200 4V (rear), you can choose tyre patterns between Apollo Actigrip, Reise Tourer 30-1 and JK Blaze BR50.

    Answered 20-Oct-2023 18:09:11
  • canute fonseca asked 16-Oct-2023 13:12:09
    Which is the best go-to tyre for KTM 200 rear-wheel? Need a long-lasting tyre

    For KTM 200 (rear), as per your requisite, you can pick tyre patterns among CEAT Zoom Rad X1, Apollo Alpha and JK Blaze.

    Answered 20-Oct-2023 18:08:38

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