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MRF Zapper FG

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    Ask our Tyre expert

    Prashanta Roy Chowdhuryvia Google

    which Tyre is best for TVS Jupitor

    Hi Prashanta,

    MRF Zapper-FG is a pretty good tyre. It performs really well over well paved roads, offers good wet and dry traction.

    In case you use your vehicle over muddy/rough surfaces then go for Ceat Secura Neo.


    Ishan Patiyalvia Facebook

    which tyre is good for tvs jupiter please tell faster

    Hi Ishan,

    If you want tubeless tyres then go for MRF Zapper FG and in case you want tube-type tyres then go for Ceat Secura Neo.


    Tyre Expert
    Ramit Anand

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