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Kumho SOLUS KH15

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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 Price List

    Tyre SizeTypePrice
    Kumho SOLUS KH15 205/65 R15
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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 175/65 R14 82T
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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 185/60 R13 80H
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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 175/70 R13 82T
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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 155/70 R13
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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 145/70 R13
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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 195/60 R15 88H
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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 Features

    About Kumho SOLUS KH15

    A radial with non directional tread pattern that ensures exceptional wet and dry handling.  
    1) Extended shoulders – Helps in making large contact with roads.
    Benefit – Steadiness of the vehicle is guaranteed.  
    2) Great sipe density – Increases grip in both wet and dry conditions
    Benefit – Cuts down the noise levels.
    3) Wider grooves – Functions by pumping out water properly.
    Benefit – Avoids the risk of hydroplaning.

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    Kumho SOLUS KH15 Warranty

    Standard manufacturer's warranty:3 years

    What is covered and for how long?

    • This Warranty applies only to the original purchaser (or owner) named on this warranty card.
    • This Warranty applies only to tyres purchased in india . Tyres purchased and normally used outside India are not covered under this Warranty. 
    •  This Warranty is applicable to the following Kumho tyre patterns: KU19,  KU22, KU31, KU27 & KU39. Run flat tyres are no applicable. Applicable Sizes: 55 series and lower and 15 inch and greater.
    •  A road hazard damages a tyre and can be caused by colliding with gutters,potholes or foreign objects on the road. This Warranty is not valid on damage that can be repaired, such as a nail penetrating the tread. 
    • The tyres specified above will be replaced with Kumho tyres of the same size and pattern, if available. If not available, a comparable quality tyre will be substituted. 
    • The replacement of tyres is free of charge to the vehicle stated below for the damage caused by a Road Hazard under the following conditions: – It will be covered for the fi rst 25% of the useable tread-life of the tyre, or 12 months from the date of purchase, whichever occurs first. 


    Tyres will not be covered by this Warranty if damage is caused: – By an act of 

    vandalism, theft, willful abuse and neglect. – Use in motorsport, and non-tarmac 

    roads. – Use in other than normal driving conditions or in commercial situations 

    such as taxis, hire cars etc. – As a result of improper use or operation, including 

    without limitation improper infl ation pressure, overloading, use of an improper 

    rim, vehicle misalignment, tyre/wheel assembly/ imbalance or other vehicle 

    conditions, defects or characteristics, worn suspension components, improper 

    mounting or demounting, misuse, misapplication, negligence, tyre spinning, tyre 

    chain damage, chemical contamination (such as sealers, fi llers, etc), fi re or 

    other externally generated heat, water or other material trapped inside the tyre 

    during mounting, tyre alteration, racing or competition use, failure to rotate 

    properly or regularly, or to properly maintain

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Kumho SOLUS KH15

    Is Kumho SOLUS KH15 good for Indian roads?

    Yes, Kumho SOLUS KH15 is a good tyre for Indian roads. It is available in the following sizes Kumho SOLUS KH15 205/65 R15, Kumho SOLUS KH15 175/65 R14 82T, Kumho SOLUS KH15 185/60 R13 80H, Kumho SOLUS KH15 175/70 R13 82T and Kumho SOLUS KH15 155/70 R13. However, we would suggest you choose tyre on the basis of driving conditions and behavior.

    What is the required tyre air pressure for Kumho SOLUS KH15?

    The required Tyre Pressure for Kumho SOLUS KH15 front and rear tyre depends upon the vehicle. To know the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle Click here

    Can I use Kumho SOLUS KH15 Tyre for off-road touring?

    Not all tyres are good for off-roading. These tyres use deep tread to provide more traction on unpaved surfaces such as loose dirt, mud, sand, or gravel. If you don't spend a lot of time driving in the mud, you might do better with all-terrain tyres for your daily commute. All-terrain tyres are used for traction on all kinds of surfaces, including on and off-road.

    Is Kumho SOLUS KH15 tyre available on emi?

    Yes, you can avail emi option on Kumho SOLUS KH15.

    Is Kumho SOLUS KH15 compatible with Car?

    Kumho SOLUS KH15 is available in 13 to 15 inches tyre size and are compatible with various Car models like etc.

    Car Using Kumho SOLUS KH15 Tyres

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    Recently Asked User Questions about kumho Tyre

    • winston churchill asked 02 Mar 2020 06:05:17
      1.Should I upsize my Zdi plus swift tyre ???(present size is 185/65r15) , if yes means please let me know the size ,and merits and demerits of upsize. 2 -Monthly I using close to 3k kilo meters so which brand tyre would be good for my car???

      Yes. As per my suggestion you can go for the upsize to 195/65 R15. For the upsizing purpose the suggested tyre for your car is Kumho SOLUS KH17. The specially designed tread pattern of the tyres provides superior control even on slippery road surfaces.

      Answered 13 Mar 2020 02:54:55
    • abhishek yadav asked 23 Feb 2020 10:10:38
      I wana purchase tyres for my car in 195/55 r15 which tyers is good for my car

      As per my suggestion, you can buy the Kumho ECSTA SPT KU 31 tyre, as it comes with excellent braking ability and enhanced driving stability.

      Answered 27 Feb 2020 03:36:14
    • shyam singh asked 22 Feb 2020 05:44:21
      I have hyundai grand i10 sportz option and my tyre size is 165/65 R14 79H, Can i upsize it ?

      Yes you can upsize the tyre size of your car to 175/65 R14 82T. The suggested tyre is Kumho SOLUS KH15 as the tyre offers exceptional wet and dry handling.

      Answered 27 Feb 2020 03:36:14

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