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Abhimanyu Kadyanvia Facebook

i've swift vdi 2013 model n need to upgrade tyres...so will it b good for my car to hv tyres of size 205/55r15...at present i have 195/55r15 yokohama tyres... plzz suggest which brand tyres i must go for and will it be appropriate to go for 205/55r15...no issue of average

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Hi Abhimanyu,

If the vehicle you are using is Swift ( which you forgot to specify in your previous mail ), you should go for size 205/60 R15 . 

In this size you can use MRF ZLO , to begin with. You can also consider using Yokohama AVS db V550. It offers great traction and superior comfort.

In case you want performance oriented tyres then start with Bridgestone MY02 Sporty Style tyre. Another good option would Bridgestone Potenza GIII


Srinivasa Raghavanvia Google

Hello, I have Chevy SAIL sedan car with 175/70 R14 tubeless. Now i am looking at replacing the same all 4. I have shortlisted between MRF ZLO 185/70 R14 and Michelin 185/70 R14. Please can you suggest which is better?

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Hello Srinivasa,

While MRF ZLO is a pretty good tyre, Michelin Energy XM2 is better. Go ahead with it.


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