Bridgestone unveils Battlax Hypersport S21 superbike tyre

Published On 06-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

Battlax Hypersport S21 superbike tyre

People who ride high capacity motorcycles now have another option to choose from when it is time to change tyres. Bridgestone unveiled the all-new Battlax Hypersport S21 radial. This tyre blends the proven wet weather technology and innovative new features, delivering impressive performance in all conditions and on all surfaces.

For the S21, wet weather performance has been borrowed from the proven Bridgestone S20 EVO tyre, while additional innovative features were developed to improve dry performance and reduce wear rate.

Superbike tyre

To improve stability, handling and cornering, the engineers implemented a modified pattern that enhances tread rigidity and contact patch performance.

For the front tyre, smaller crown profile design is used for improved handling and precision through corners without compromising on the superb neutral feeling. The S21 tyre uses triple layer compound and high stiffness bead fillers for optimum damping and stability.

The rear tyre utilises larger crown profile, optimised belt construction and groove positioning. This enhances the rear feeling and improves corner stability. Reduced sliding around the tyre contact area also leads to less wear, improving the tyre life.

[caption id="attachment_1900" align="alignnone" width="680"]Bridgestone unveils Battlax Hypersport S21 superbike tyre Battlax S21 Tyre[/caption]

Jake Rønsholt, Managing Director of Consumer Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe, said, "We wanted a tyre that gives riders the best that these new superbikes can offer. By offering top level wet performance while upping stability and cornering grip, Bridgestone has achieved this with the Battlax S21."

The development of the S21 was aided by the use of Bridgestone's new Ultimate Eye (U-EYE) indoor testing facility. U-Eye helped to simulate tyre behaviour under different conditions and speeds. It also analysed the contact patch pressure distribution, enabling the engineers to choose the best combination of compound, tread, construction and profile.

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