Can Tyres Improve Fuel efficiency?

Published On 07-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

Tyres Improve Fuel efficiency

Yes! Fitting right tyres on you vehicle improves the overall fuel efficiency of your car to a greater extent.

These days, the tyre companies are developing new technologies to offer better and fuel efficient tyres. As these day, the rising fuel prices are heavy on our pockets, therefore, fitting a right tyre on your vehicle can actually reduce the overall fuel consumption of a vehicle.

Nowadays, automakers provide an option of a specific low-rolling resistance tyres or fuel efficient tyres and all-weather tyres as original equipment to improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

The low-rolling resistance tyres are now easily available at tyre shops. Rolling resistance is the measure of force at the axle in the direction of travel required to make a loaded tyre roll. Tyres with low rolling resistance use tread design and new materials to minimize the amount of energy, in the form of fuel, required to move the car.

Tyres play an important role in fuel economy, let’s see how:

  • Keep your tyres properly inflated. The vehicle’s user manual has the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle.

    Always choose the right tyre size for your vehicle. Again refer to the car's user manual for the right size. You should know how to measure the correct tyre size.

  • Check the tyre pressure at least monthly; do this when the tyres are cool.
  • If you were happy with the tyre that came with the car when it was new, consider replacing them with an identical set. Low rolling resistance is a common trait of original-equipment tyre.
  • Before buying a replacement tyre, check Consumer Reports’ Ratings for tyre that excel in overall performance and use rolling resistance as tie-breaker.
  • Always operate your vehicle smoothly and in control. Roughly driving and sudden braking can harm your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The tyres also wears out more quickly.

Other useful tips to improve fuel economy are as follow:

  • Try to use your vehicle for long trip rather for short trips like market, meeting friends, going for dinner, etc. This saves fuel and money. While taking short trips, the vehicle consumes extra fuel each time you crank the engine. This also saves time.
  • Aerodynamics plays a vital role in fuel efficiency. Driving a car with open windows at a high speed, require more force than usual. This leads to the draining of the fuel tank more quickly. Always close all door and windows for increased fuel efficiency when driving at high speed.
  • When driving, always try to shift to the highest gear without knocking the engine. During city traffic, car consumes more fuel as you keep shifting gears at lower ratios. If the engine is not working, shift down instead of pressing the throttle.
  • Shifting up at 2,000rpm for petrol vehicles and 1,500rpm for diesel vehicles gives good speed and fuel economy.

    Always try to keep your vehicle as light as possible. The heavier the car would be, the more oil it will burn.

  • Never keep your car idle. It burns more fuel unnecessarily. Always turn off the engine when waiting for someone or at traffic signals.

Hope, these tips will help save you fuel and money.

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