CEAT launches Safety Grip to improve women safety in India

Published On 13-Dec-2017By TyreDekho Team

CEAT Safety Grip is actually a pepper spray well concealed in the accelerator of a scooter, thereby making it easily accessible in times of distress.”


Women Safety is one of the major issues prevalent in the society. In spite of various claims by enforcement authorities and their attempts to improve vigil, the number of crimes against women hasn't shown much of a downfall. What this alludes to is for women to take matters in their own hands whilst authorities become potent enough to make the streets safer.

In line with this, CEAT, one of India's leading tyre brand, recently launched 'CEAT Safety Grip' to make traveling safer for women riders.

CEAT Safety Grip is actually a pepper spray which can be well concealed in the handle of a scooter, thereby making it easily accessible in times of distress. The concealment of the spray and easy accessibility would compound to improved safety for women riders, even at nights.

In tandem to that, CEAT has also launched a digital campaign to highlight the efficacy of Safety Grip.


Commenting on the launch of Safety Grip and its Digital Campaign, Nitish Bajaj, Sr. VP – Marketing, CEAT Ltd. said, “CEAT has always stood for safety and, we have developed this concept to empower women riders while making them feel safer and more confident on Indian roads. CEAT Safety Grip is a step towards creating a safer environment for women, and going forward we wish to come up with many such initiatives in an effort to make mobility safer and smarter for every Indian.”

2017 is nearing its end and people are gearing to start the new year on a positive note. While the law makers and other enforcement agencies are highlighting their achievements through statistics, there is a grim tally that they would hardly allude to- Crime against women.

Year 2017 has not been very different for women in terms of their safety and well-being. The registered number of cases of Crimes Against Women, which were at a count of shocking 3,38,954 in 2016, is not likely to show any plunging. While this is the official figure, the real tally would be way higher.

Unsafe conditions often lead to curbing of women liberty, so much so that they fear traveling alone. This often makes them dependent on family members or other means to commute, sending a blow to the idea of independence.

In such cases, safety innovations that offer an easy accessibility combined with good efficacy form part of a dire need of the hour for women.

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