Demand for Pirelli noise cancellation tyres doubles up in last 4 years

Published On 14-Feb-2019By TyreDekho Team

PNCS homologated Pirelli tyres are now being used as original equipment on around 150 vehicles. These tyres generate 25% lesser noise to make the ride that much comfortable for the passengers.

Pirelli PNCS


What would you prefer listening to more of when driving your car? That song being played through the music system or the noise of the tyre bruising against the road? Believe it or not, but noisy tyres can be a big thorn in the flesh, especially if your car doubles up as your weekend getaway medium. These noises, that filter in to the cabin through suspension setup add to making your drive unpleasant and somewhat annoying.

While auto manufacturers try to contain engine noise and wind noise in a car using sound deadening materials, better insulation and improved aerodynamics, the tyre noise almost always finds a way to enter the cabin through the suspension setup. This is why tyre manufacturers spend millions of dollars in R&D to make tyres that are quieter. And Pirelli has been one such brand to do so.

By using their proprietary PNCS ( Pirelli Noise Cancellation System), Pirelli claims to have reduced tyre noise by as much as 25% on their tyres.  Well, in all honesty, Pirelli has been using this technology since 2013 on various tyre models, and the results have been remarkable. In fact, demand for tyres using PNCS has almost doubled since. They have become a particular favorite of luxury auto makers who strive to offer unparalleled comfort through their cars. This is evident with more and more manufacturers using PNCS homologated tyres as original equipment on their cars.

Maurizio Boiocchi, Pirelli’s executive vice president of technology and innovation, said, “The presence of technology such as PNCS within our products demonstrates to drivers the importance of choosing tires that have been specifically developed for their cars, when it comes to changing rubber. That’s the only way in which drivers can get the very best out of their cars, which will then continue to benefit from the characteristics built into them by the engineers responsible for the original design.”

PNCS technology involves the use of a specific sound absorbing material which is placed within the tire. This material absorbs vibrations in the air which would otherwise have been transmitted to the inside of the vehicle, and would have created annoying background noise. This ‘sponge’ like material comprises foam having open cells that maximize the working surface of the material, thus minimizing vibration, and hence reducing noise. PNCS homologated Pirelli tyres were being used a original equipment on around 150 cars in 2018, growing from 78 in 2017.


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