Driving Greener

Published On 07-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

Greener Driving

We are at a stage where our world is borne on the shoulders of machines that are of all sorts, from cars to bikes, buses and trucks. The entire globe runs on the usage of automobiles, and is unavoidably dependent on them to keep moving. However, the excessive usage of vehicles has been taking a toll on the environment, and as much as we need our vehicles, we need to amend our ways to accommodate a more eco-friendly resolution.

Our usage of vehicles on a daily basis has given rise to numerous environmental hazards, and the overall impact that they make on our world's global ecology is massive.

It is the vital need of the hour, as a result, that we begin paying heed to these critical issues, and work towards solving them.


Impact of automobiles on the environment:

The first and the most crucial problem is the emission of carbon dioxide. The fuel that vehicles run on, when consumed, is released from the vehicle in the form of carbon dioxide. This is a compound that poses a great harm to the environment. Firstly, it traps heat in the atmosphere and leads to rise in the temperatures worldwide. Secondly, it eats into the ozone layer protecting our environment from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. As a result, large amounts of carbon dioxide lead to a progressively negative impact on the overall environment.

The second problem of using automobiles resides in the tyres. Tyres are made of a non biodegradable material. This means that the material does not get broken down by the earth through natural methods, and therefore needs to be disposed of by the only remaining method: by burning.

The burning of rubber, however, also leads to emission of dangerous hydrocarbons and other toxic gases. Together, they feed into the health of the environment and pose a global scale hazard. Therefore, the tyres that we drive on are all another major source of global environmental degradation.

What can we do?

It is hard to control the level of pollution that cars and trucks contribute towards on a global scale. However, certain subtle methods exist, through which, the overall damage is brought down. For instance, buying eco-friendly cars contributes to a cleaner environment. Cutting down the usage of vehicles by using public transport often is another good way to bring a mass change in the global environment.

As for the tyre problem, a permanent solution is harder to achieve. The best way in which we can help reduce the burning of tyres is by bringing a situation where the need to dispose tyres is also reduced. In other words, by replacing tyres less often, we contribute to saving the environment the best way we can in this regard.

One needs to keep a quality check when buying tyres, ensuring that the quality that he goes for, serves him for a standing time. Instead of buying cheaper and budget type tyres, we must invest in tyres that last longer, so that the need to replace them often is not there. Buying the tyre model that serves one's purpose is also important, as buying the wrong tyre model could result in a loose control and bring a need for replacement again.

Secondly, after investing in the right type of tyre, it is also important to refine the ways of handling so as to not cause wear faster. Rough driving and taking a car with passenger radials off the road are examples of factors that cause faster wear for the tyre. It is also helpful to rotate the tyres often, so that all of them undergo an even wear without inequalities creeping up between the four tyres, which also causes faster wear.

Lastly, buying tyres made of more composite material also helps, although this is a solution that is lesser availed.

It is important to keep these things in mind and work for a better future for our environment, for that is, in the end, the ultimate shelter of the human race. The automobiles that we drive, along with the tyres that we use on them, should not deter us from preserving the world for future generation and ensuring that a positive change occurs while we're here.

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