Govt Proposes Mandatory Tyre Norms To Improve Fuel Efficiency And Wet Braking

Published On 21-May-2021By TyreDekho Team

The proposed mandatory norms will be applicable on new tyres from October 2021.

Govt Proposes Mandatory Tyre Norms To Improve Fuel Efficiency And Wet Braking

The Government of India has proposed mandatory compliance for new tyres focussed on rolling resistance and braking on wet surfaces. In short, the manufacturers and importers of tyres for automobiles such as car, minibus and heavy vehicles will now have to ensure their rubber has low rolling resistance (important in increasing the overall mileage of the vehicle) and improved braking on wet surfaces.

In order to set rules for the automobile industry, the road transport ministry has been following the European model and this move is also in line with the tyre norms rolled out in Europe in 2016.

In the last 3-4 years, the mandates such as standard dual airbags and ABS in cars and BS6 complying engines were all inspired by the global model of the developed countries.

In the policy draft of the road transport ministry, it is proposed that these mandatory tyre compliances should be imposed from October 2021 for new tyres.


While for existing models, they have been given an extra year (October 2022) to upgrade so that they can comply with the new norms directed towards low rolling resistance rubbers with better wet braking capability. This is also being viewed as a step towards the ‘star rating’ mechanism of tyres in India.

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Without being named, an official said that since most of the tyre manufacturing companies in India are present globally and have been adhering to their stricter norms, complying with these won’t be a big concern for them. Stressing on the aspect, he said that these attributes will enhance the safety of the tyre besides aiding in fuel efficiency. Once the mandate is passed, tyre buyers can take an informed decision.

Besides individual vehicle owners, this mandate on tyres will be a big boon for transporters whose hundreds of vehicles cover thousands of kilometres across the country each day. The fuel-saving of even 1-2% would make a huge difference in their balance sheets. It becomes far more significant with the skyrocketing fuel prices.

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Appreciating the draft, SP Singh, a Delhi-based transport industry pundit, said that this is a move towards customer’s safety and binds the importer to get the right product. It will also assist in fuel efficiency. He said that they have been actively pushing the mandatory compliance since 2016. 

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Source: TOI

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