How to compare new tyres?

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Tyres are an essential component of everyday life now, for the entire world depends on them for safety on the road and for good control when driving. The most vital aspect of the automotive industry is arguably the radials adorning the vehicles, for they are in the end, the only assurance for a well maintained driving.

When purchasing new tyres, it is important to keep a list of things in mind to check for. Investing in tyres needs the right guideline so as to ensure that the standards needed for the roads are always maintained.

When buying tyres, make a comparison of a list of important features that make a difference in the performance that the radial brings to your vehicle.

Tread type

First, the type of road that you're expecting to drive on makes all the difference in the right tyre type that would suit you. The terrain that you drive on requires differing tread profiles, and choosing a tyre with the wrong pattern would lead to a sacrifice in the overall control of the vehicle, and also to increased fuel consumption.

If you're driving for regular city roads, regular car radials would do the trick. These have a tread profile that is meant for enhancing speed and keeping up control on smooth city roads. However, if you're aiming for off the road experience, then there are tyres that are specially designed for building control on these harsh conditions. They are made with larger grooves that can bite into the dirt and maintain grip.

Another factor to be taken into consideration is the type of weather that you're expecting to face on a regular basis. The tyre that you purchase comes with a specific format, designed for facing a particular type of weather. There are tyres for winter drive, and tyres for summer drive. The two of them are not to be misplaced, for winter tyres do not drive well in the summer. As a result, another important factor to be considered is the weather conditions that might be expected, when comparing tyres for buying.

Size and Width

The size of the tyre is also a greatly vital aspect that impacts your performance. When making a comparison of tyres, it is important to hold the width of the contact path, and the overall diameter in mind as well.

The size of the tyre impacts its handling and control. Larger tyres lead to greater downforce and traction. This, as a result, brings better stability and control. However, a downside of this feature, is that the speed and performance of the tyre suffer. With greater force or grip, the vehicle is kept anchored to the ground with a higher force. As a result, climbing to high speeds is made harder, and the acceleration also suffers.

Therefore, with a wider contact patch or a larger diameter, the impact on the vehicle is as mentioned above. Its control and handling are upgraded, but the speed section of its performance is left to suffer. As a result, when making a comparison between radials to purchase, keep a note of exactly which side of performance you're leaning towards: A higher grip and control, or a faster performance?

Budget or Premium tyres?

This is another important thing to consider when comparing tyres. Whether you want to go for expensive premium tyres, or would settle for ordinary budget tyres. What you choose affects everything in the vehicle's performance.

Firstly, premium tyre are manufactured by the greatest brands in the world, such as Michelin, Continental and Bridgestone. As a result, they are made with top grade quality on every facet. Their performance is uncompromised, and as a result, the drive experience is elevated on all rounds. The control, handling, drive stability and safety are of the highest edge. They are made to last much longer than usual tyres would, and have sturdiness that impacts the ride as well. However, the downside is that they are also priced much higher than ordinary tyres.

On the other hand, budget tyres are made with a cheaper quality. They do not provide handling and control as good as premium branded tyres do, and they are made for the least cost. They do not last as long as premium tyres do, and wear easily. The only positive score with them, when compared with premium models, are that they are far cheaper.

In the end, when comparing tyres, one needs to check to see what suits him. If money is your priority, and you are willing to settle for second grade quality, and with having to replace the tyres often, then budget tyres would do for you. However, if you demand quality of the finest, and are willing to spend to acquire it, then go for premium tyres.

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