Keeping Tyres In Good Shape

Published On 07-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

Tyres are those components, which require regular care and proper maintenance for their long life. It is utmost essential to keep them in good condition so that, they can deliver an excellent performance. Preserving a tyre's quality not only helps in its overall performance but also ensures high level of safety. In order to keep them in right shape, you ought to put in a lot of time and effort.

Tips to keep tyres in top shape:

There are quite a number of tips that comes to your aid with this process and a few of them are mentioned below:

1) Level of air pressure:

Check tyre pressure

There are several reasons for which, maintenance of right tyre pressure is important. Its safety is obviously the primary reason. Radials with air pressure less than the required level, can overheat and are prone to damage. These components tend to lose air almost everyday due to reasons like uneven road conditions. On the other hand, an over inflated tyre also does no good. It shows more wear mainly in the center tread thus, decreasing its overall life expectancy. Whether they are over or under inflated, it is quite essential to replace them with new ones as, they are no longer considered safe. Tyre pressure gauge is the equipment you can choose to check their pressure by comparing with the company's recommended levels. Otherwise, consult an experienced technician, who can help you out with this task.


2) Tread Depth:

Tread wear coin check

It is necessary to keep a note of your tyre's tread depth on regular basis. The minimum depth of 1.6 mm across the face of a tread is the legal limit for all tyres. In case, your radials fail to meet this standard then, it is time to buy a new set of tyres. Generally, a tread pattern features grooves, sipes as well as blocks, which altogether assist in increasing grip on both wet and dry road conditions. If these are worn out, it not only reduces the needed traction but also leads to skidding at the time of emergency braking. Moreover, a vehicle's stability as well as fuel efficiency also gets affected. Therefore, good performance of a vehicle depends mostly on the state of its radials' tread. Hence, it becomes quite essential to look for tread depth for their endurance.

3) Balancing and alignment:

Wheel Alignment and balancing

Both of these are the factors which an owner should never ever neglect. Proper alignment of wheels aid in increasing the tyre life as much as possible. Not only they improve stability but also make handling very easier for a driver. But in case of misalignment, radials are more prone to wear and safety is put at risk. It leads to poor cornering and makes it quite risky to drive on wet as well as slippery surfaces. Furthermore, it generates vibrations and causes problems with suspension system. So, it is mandatory that wheels are correctly aligned to ensure a safe as well as comfortable drive. On the other hand, balancing is another aspect that ensures smooth running of tyres. Anytime, if you notice vibrations of your steering wheel at high speeds and it, failing in giving proper response then, it is evident that tyres are imbalanced. In such situations, you have to contact a technician immediately as driving with such radials is highly dangerous.

4) Rotation of tyres:

Five Wheel Rotation

This is one of the main methods that every owner of a vehicle should follow as a part of tyre maintenance. Rotating them on regular basis is necessary to maintain a right amount of tread wear on all four tyres. The key advantages of this process is, it increases their tread life, improves fuel efficiency and ensures a smooth driving experience. Aside from this, it also aids in enhancing the life of suspension system by lessening vibrations. There are a few signs that will help you to know the right time for getting your tyres rotated. You have to opt for this method when you notice an even wear in both front and rear tyres and if, they emit more noise as well as vibrations.

Therefore, by following these tips, you can certainly keep your tyres in top shape, while extending the life of your vehicle.

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