Road Conditions And Tyres Suiting Them

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The use of tyres has grown to such an extent that, today, it has completely blended into our everyday schedule. People driving far and wide keep themselves deeply dependent on a set of black tyres to do their bidding, and to drive their entire schedule forward. But not a lot of people are well versed with the distinctions and variances that tyres have, and how they are meant to suit the driving conditions around them.

Tyres, like cars themselves, come with variances in their models, all of them differing as per their necessities. One radial that is meant to suit one particular condition may be ill suited for another. As a result, the fundamental requirement of any driver, before picking the right tyre for a car, is the knowledge of exactly what type of road condition one expects to drive in, and exactly what type of condition a tyre is expected to weather.

Any radial that is equipped to a vehicle is usually suitable for the best performance on a particular climate or surface, but would lack the necessities to fit on other road conditions. As a result, a sound knowledge of which radial suits which condition is essential before deciding on a tyre to arm a car.

Tyres For Wet Roads:

Tyres for wet roads

This is a fundamental requirement for most of us, and there are tyres that are specifically designed to meet this requirement. While performance on dry weathers is guaranteed by most radials, it is the performance on wet roads that is the hindrance for most of them.

Before knowing where to look for suitable tyres, let us take you into the basic science of wet road performance. In order for a radial to be able to deliver good wet performance, it needs to be able to grip the car and keep it stable even on slippery and dangerous surfaces. As a result, the fundamental requirement to deliver safe and good driving, is traction that can hold up on wet grounds. The radial must be able to enforce a very strong grip on wet surfaces, and ensure that the vehicle stays grounded without skidding off.


The second most integral feature for wet performance, is drainage. When a tyre rolls over wet surfaces, it needs the technology to be able to shake off the water that it has absorbed, thereby keeping itself dry and clean again. This is known as drainage action. A tyre must be able to drain the extra water it has accumulated while driving on wet grounds. If this is not done properly, the radial will lose its grip. For this requirement, grooves need to be specifically planted for a better drainage. These grooves are responsible for pumping water out of the tyre, and keeping it dry as well as safe always.

Examples of tyres that are ideal for wet conditions are Pirelli Diablo Rain and Metzeler Racetec Rain.

Winter Tyres:

Winter tyres

As mentioned before, there are tyres that are suitable for certain conditions, and not suitable for others. In the case of harsh winter climate, with roads capped with snow, one requires a right model to keep the vehicle through the drudgery.

Proper winter tyres form a special brand among radials, which are recruited by people living in places where the winter is unbearable. Such radials have heavily lugged tread patterns designed to bite into the heavy snow and provide the best traction. They also are built with specialized tread compounds that work well in cold temperatures, and offer excellent grip in icy, slushy and wet conditions. These are specifically built to withstand the snowy platform and to, yet, give the driver an exceptional performance. Therefore, one thing to keep in mind is that, they are designed only for the winter climate. And so, when the weather turns back warm, you need to switch back to more suitable models to go with the weather then.

Summer Tyres:

Summer tyres

There are tyres that come specially to withstand more extreme climates, such as the sizzling summer, and these fall in the category of high performance summer tyres. These are specifically designed for better grip and livelier control on heated road conditions. Tyres are prone to far more intense wear and tear on summer roads. It is this particular condition these are meant to tackle with and are enhanced for a far more sturdier material. In addition to just going along with the extreme climate, they are also meant for withstanding it. These radials are enhanced for higher durability and therefore, they deliver a higher life despite the blistering heat of the roads.

Off The Road Tyres:

Offroad tyres

The most durable make among tyres are saved for this rugged road condition. Vehicles that are meant for off the road, rugged terrains come with these radials that help them withstand the extreme terrain and to build a safe control through them. These are suitable for trucks and sports utility vehicles. They are meant for treading into completely wayward arenas, such as the rough mountain ranges.

These are developed for withstanding the beating of a harsh mountain terrain, and to enhance the experience for their drivers as well. They have specialized, lugged tread patterns that help the tyre to bite into muddy and dirty roads. This helps them build traction for their vehicles on extreme, no man's land regions. Downsides touch vehicles that employ these tyres. However, balancing their superior and extreme road condition performance, these radials have a great noise emission.

Furthermore, with their ability to weather the roughest conditions, they have an extremely high rolling resistance which, in turns, saps into the fuel economy. However, for those who endeavor into rougher, and more extreme road journeys, this tyre gives the finest and most unforgettable experience to enthrall in.

Tyres are, arguably, the core of human existence at present. We have an inseparable dependence on them and our vehicles to run our world. As a result, it is imperative that we know which radial to employ at which situation, in order for the best response. This is why a very basic know-how about tyres and the conditions suiting them is more handy than most people would imagine.

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