Side Bubble In Tyre: What It Means And Safety Concerns

Published On 25-Feb-2020By TyreDekho Team

Unlike minor cracks and irregular wear, side bubble in tyres requires immediate attention

Side Bubble in Tyre

Under maintenance tips for your vehicle, a pointer of taking care of your tyre is always discussed. The obvious reason is that any danger to the tyre is directly linked to your safety and the intensity of impact is severe compared to other issues in the car. Usually, you are advised to inspect tyres for any irregular wear periodically.

The minor cracks and irregular wear of tyres do require your attention, however, you have the liberty to delay it for some time. Contrarily, side bubble or bulges in tyres pose a direct threat to your life. Let’s have a quick look at the possible causes of side bubbles and their safety concerns.

What is a side bubble?

A side bubble is an egg shaped-bulge on your tyre which if not addressed could lead to tyre blowout. It is an air bubble or a ticking bomb ready to explode anytime. It should be addressed immediately to avoid devastating consequences.

How it occurs?

When you hit a pot-hole, drive fast over the speed breaker, overloading the tyre and driving with a flat tyre are some reasons for the formation of side bubble in the tyre. In short, any high-impact damage could result in a bulge.

When the impact pushes the tyre deep enough to touch the rim, the inner liner gets damaged at times. From the damaged inner liner, the air escapes directly into the tyre body creating a bubble. Side bubble in the tyre sidewall should not be confused with the bubble in the tread which often happens when the tyre belt is broken.

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Can I continue driving with side bubble?

You should not as you will be putting your life at risk including others driving on the road and also the occupants. Imagine if you are cruising at high speeds on a highway and the tyre blowout happens, the impact could be devastating.

Is it repairable?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. If you see a side bubble, take the vehicle slowly to the nearest repair shop and get the tyre replaced. Stay alert and drive safe.

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