Tips To Maintain Your Motorcycle Amidst The Lockdown

Published On 05-May-2020By Anand Priyadarshi

As we continue staying indoors during this lockdown, our motorcycles remain exposed to extreme conditions outside. To ensure that your motorbike is ready to venture out once life is back to normal, here are few vital tips to keep them healthy

5 Ways To Maintain Your Motorcycle Amidst The Lockdown

So, now when you have decided to be your own mechanic, let's help you with some vital tips. Always consult your owner’s manual before beginning in order to educate yourself about matters such as the location of filter and plugs, and which part you should remove to access them; exact amount and types of lubricants required;  also keep the motorcycle parked on the main stand if you have one on your vehicle otherwise use a rear stand device to position them upright.

Wash Your Bike Before Storing

Leaving your bike dirty as you store it is not a good idea. Make sure you get rid of all the road grimes and dry your bike after washing it.


Keep it out of the sun. Prolonged direct sunlight can damage the paint. It also makes the plastic dry and brittle and they can even begin to break. The seat cover will also take its toll due to heat and will begin to crack and peel. So, it is always a better idea to try and park your motorcycle out of direct sunlight.

You can park your motorcycle under a tree with a cover if you have no other shade available. Purchase a cover with UV protection, and one that is waterproof, which is your best bet to protect your motorcycle from extreme weather.


Do remember to lubricate your chain and apply anti-corrosion oil to any part that is more susceptible to corrosion. Good lubrication will prevent moisture from penetrating and rust forming.

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Fill up The Gas Tank

A lot of people will say that keeping the gas tank empty is a good idea if you want to store your bike for a longer time. Instead, keep the tank full as it helps prevent corrosion. Empty tank causes build of gunk and once it hits your carburettor, your engine will start having problem starting.

Protect Your Tyres

We often overlook protecting tyres. When you leave your motorcycle dormant for a longer time, tyre starts to wear more than actually while using them. You might see a flat spot on the bike tyre where they are touching the ground because they lose air pressure.

5 Ways To Maintain Your Motorcycle Amidst The Lockdown

So, keep your motorcycle on its center stand and if that option is not available to you then you can inflate the tyre as much as possible according to the manufacturer. This will help prevent flat spots.

Keep The Battery Charged

You will need to keep the battery charged if you want your motorcycle to start after a long halt. The best possible wat to do is by staring your bike and letting it run for 10-15 minutes. This will not just charge the battery but also circulate fluids like oil and coolants across the system.

I hope these suggestions were helpful and assist you in taking care of your motorcycle, amidst the ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe, stay home, and follow these steps to keep your bike rolling once the lockdown is over.

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