Tips To Enhance Tyre Tread Life

Published On 02-Apr-2020By TyreDekho Team

With the entire world today carried on the shoulders of cars, buses, trucks and bikes, tyres form a very imperative part of our lives. Like all things, tyres, too, require maintenance and regular checks for lasting life. However, with the burden of carrying the entire vehicle, tyres are prone to excessive wear and deterioration.

As a result, the need for good maintenance and support is greatest only with tyres. With everyday wear affecting our tyres, it is a natural question that arises, as to what we can do to reduce tyre wear and extract the most in terms of tyre life

Although preventing wear completely is impossible, there are methods that we can employ to decrease the overall wear that our tyres go through. These methods are simple ways for everybody to make sure that they're getting the best out of their tyres, and can be enforced without help from technicians or tyre experts. They are simple methods, and add to the overall quality of the tyre.

1) Keep the inflation level checked

Tyre Pressure Checking

The first thing to remember is that when talking about tyres, there is a deep interconnectivity between all the elements. For instance, the tyre wear is directly related to the tyre pressure and inflation. The tyre inflation needs to be on the right level for the best performance, and also for the best maintenance of the tyre. The reason for this is that the inflation level is what ensures that the tyre can withstand the weight of the vehicle.

If the air pressure is lower than the required level, unnecessary strain befalls the tyre when driving, for it carries the weight of the vehicle without the required air pressure. As a result, the tyre is forced to run with this additional burden, and this takes a toll on it in the form of greater wear and deterioration. As a result, if the inflation levels fall below the required mark, additional and faster wear is inflicted on the tyre.

Therefore, one of the key elements in maintaining a tread life for the tyre, is the tyre pressure. Ensuring that the radial is always on the right standard of inflation helps to bring down excessive wear and preserve its quality for a lasting time.


2) Rotate the tyres regularly

Four Wheel Rotation

This is a must employ tactic, and it is something that most people do not forgo today. Rotating tyres is a greatly beneficial way of controlling the amount of wear. For those who aren't familiar with the term, to rotate the tyres means to shift the positions of the four tyres, so that they are interchanged regularly.

How does this help to bring down wear, you might ask? The principle is that the front tyres undergo higher wear than the rear tyres, as they bear additional strain when driving. As a result, if the tyres are kept in the positions that they are without changing, the front tyres are prone to undergoing far greater deteriorating than the rear tyres, and this not only leads to excessive wear, but to uneven wear. Therefore, interchanging the tyre's positions regularly is a great way to control the overall deterioration that the radials face when driving.

3) Check the alignment regularly

Check Wheel Alignment

If the alignment of the tyres is out, there is an addition burden that the tyres face while driving. As a result, it leads to additional strain on the tyres, and to improved deterioration levels upon them as well. The alignment of the tyres is a crucial instrument in preserving the overall maintenance of the tyres. As a result, it is important, when facing strange handling or loss of control, to check the tyres's alignment. Setting this right would ensure that the amount of deteriorating that the radials go through is also brought under control.

4) Keep down the rough driving

Keep down the rough driving

This is perhaps the most fundamental reason tyres wear faster than they should. The method of driving, in the end, counts as an important assailant on the tyre's quality. With rougher and less handled driving, you expose your tyres to a greater strain. For instance, driving with speed on harsh road conditions, cornering vigorously, and treading on off road terrains, all contribute to rougher deterioration of the tyre.

As a result, the most important element to be considered, for lasting life of the tyres, is the driving. Keep the driving smooth and well handled, and the tyre quality is sure to last longer than it would with rough driving.

These are simple methods that can, put together, help your tyres realize a better potential. They are simple, and can be employed with ease by anyone. Small steps such as these, in the end, are what add together to build a high quality.

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