Wheel Alignment: Importance, Advantages and Factors that cause misalignment of wheels

Published On 07-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team


What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is one of most common safety measures you need to take in order to take care of your car's tyres. It is basically the measurement of complex suspension angles and the adjustment of the various suspensions parts. In this process, various angles of the wheels are adjusted properly, ensuring that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground surface. As a result, it reduces the wearing of tyre, hence improving its life. Wheel alignment also improves the handling quality of your vehicle.

How do driving conditions affect the wheel alignment?

Driving conditions play a major role in disturbing the alignment of your wheels. Uneven and bad road surfaces can harm your tyres and wheels. When you drive through poorly maintained roads with numerous pot holes, it may badly affect the alignment of your wheels. Even a very slight alignment problem can raise major issues like fast tyre wear that will end up your tyre's life before time.

When do I need to check wheel alignment?

You should check your car's wheel alignment whenever you get a new set of tyres or have installed new suspension parts. It should also be checked when your car experiences a major shock or road hazard. However, sometimes quick and uneven tyre wear can also indicate that the alignment of your tyres may have been disturbed. Generally, tyres wear evenly across the tread, but misalignment of wheels can make them wear faster and excessively from a particular side.


Why wheel alignment is necessary for a vehicle?

Every vehicle should have properly aligned wheels as it controls the tear and wear of the tyres. Basically, all the vehicles have properly designed wheel alignment that helps in enhancing your comfort while driving and reducing tyre wear. Wheel alignment, if properly done for all the four wheels, can increase the life and durability of the tyre and can give you an improved fuel mileage. It also enhances the handling and braking quality of your car and gives you a safe ride by increasing the stability of your vehicle. As a result, your car runs smoothly and and your wheels stay in the right direction, rendering your tyres a longer life. Properly aligned wheels ensure that you get the best possible driving experience.

How can I know that my car needs a wheel alignment?

There are various signs that indicate disturbances in your car's wheel alignment. For example, if you see that your vehicle is pulling towards a particular direction while you are actually trying to keep it in a straight track, then you can say that one of your tyres are misaligned. There are many other unusual signs that will depict that there is a problem with the alignment such as:

  • Abnormal and uneven wear and tear of your tyres.
  • Problem with the steering and handling of your car.
  • When your car hits something on the road or experiences a road shock.
  • When there are difficulties while turning and braking.

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