Which tyres are best for monsoons and why?

Published On 24-Jul-2019By TyreDekho Team


Monsoons bring rains and rains bring wet roads. These wet roads invite cautions that must not be ignored. Taking your car on a rainy day hauls over certain responsibilities that should not be ignored. To be specific, most of the problem persist with tyres. Wet roads reduce tyre’s grip and increase the brake time, which altogether degrades ride quality. This can even lead to severe consequences and hence it is highly recommended to choose the right tyre for your coaster.

Every tyre manufacturer claims their tyres to be best for the wet roads. But don’t fall for fake vaunts and cheesy taglines. Here is the listicle of the top tyres that will help you deal with the wet roads, which the monsoon brings as a compliment.

Top tyres to deal with wet road


MRF is a well-known Indian brand and one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the country. The ZVTS is a budget-friendly offering from the company, which provides a good grip over the wet roads. It costs only around Rs 2600 per piece, making it affordable yet one of the best options to go for. Moreover, MRF tyres are known for durability, which means they can last well even multiple seasons.

Continental PremiumContact 6

If you are looking for tyres suited best for summer rains, then there is hardly any equally capable alternative to Continental PremiumContact 6. It offers inch-perfect and grippy handling even on the wettest roads. It also resists hydroplaning to a great extent and the presence of well-designed treads eliminate any possibility of skidding while taking turns. However, it is a summer exclusive tyres, which means it is not suitable for freezy and cold rainy seasons. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind before having them is that like any other summer rain tyres, Continental PremiumContact 6 also fails to prove when it comes to durability.

Bridgestone Turanza

Bridgestone Turanza is actually preferred for performance cars as it offers great handling and stability at high speeds. But they are also exceptional when it comes to tread grips. It allows you to coast with a fair speed on wet roads and is one of the fastest tyres in the industry. If you have a hatchback or middle powered sedan, Bridgestone Turanza is probably the ideal choice for you.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

If you own an SUV or even a pickup truck, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 can prove to be a decent option for you. It is basically an all-terrain tyre that means you will enjoy good handling and fair grip even on broken and irregular roads. However, the tyre is not recommended to be used on snows but the combination of loose object ejection and interlocking tread blocks along with an optimised design allows a fair degree of handling on snowy terrains.

These are probably the best tyres for wet roads, which deserve all the considerations. However, the last choice depends on a number of factors such as the types of terrains where you drive regularly, the temperature of your region, etc. Furthermore, there are other examples too like Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season, Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 and Goodyear GT3 that deserve equal attention.

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