How To Take Care Of Your Car Wheels

Published On 09-Mar-2021By TyreDekho Team

Let’s get into a quick guide stating how to take care of your wheels and keep them spick and span for years

How To Take Care Of Your Car Wheels

Some experts say that there is nothing more crucial than wheels and tyres in a car. They are responsible for taking you places safely and hence require utmost attention. As a car owner, you must be aware of the basic tyre maintenance aspects which include right tyre pressure, tread wear signs, etc. Hence, in this article, we will focus on the less-discussed element i.e. care and hygiene of your car wheels or car tyre rims.

Indian roads are filled with dirt, debris, potholes and other surface ripples. Hence, not only tyres bear the brunt but also the wheels sacrifice equally to ensure you a safe and comfortable drive. Day to day driving on open roads leads to the accumulation of dust on the brakes. And if not addressed timely, it may lead to early deterioration of your priced car alloy.

How do car wheels deter?

Whenever the car brake is applied, bits from the brake pad get off and stick to the rim, which gradually forms a residue coat that worsens with time. Thus, once the brake pad is worn-out during braking, brake dust starts to accumulate on the car wheel.

If not treated in time, the brake dust accumulation will soon result in oxidization, which means rust or corrosion. If neglected for long, the dust may result in stains first and then develop into rust.

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How to keep car wheel rusting at bay? 

The simplest way to keep brake dust in check is the timely cleaning of the car wheels. The regularity of cleaning depends upon how often you drive your car. However, on the safer side, cleaning every week or two is considered good to keep the car wheels dust-free.

So let’s get into a quick guide stating how to take care of your wheels and keep them spick and span for years. Read on.

Wipe off the loose surface dust

Firstly, take a clean cloth and wipe the visible dust/dirt settled on the outer surface of the wheel. You can also use a pressure washer to get rid of the loose residues collected on the rim.

How To Take Care Of Your Car Wheels

Use a sponge to scrub the wheel

You can use a wash mitt or mild scrubber to scrub away the remains if not removed with the pressure wash. Any car shampoo can be used to chuck out the loose dirt.

Pick mild or premium wheel cleaner spray 

Now to remove the stubborn dirt accumulated on the rim, you can spray mild or ultra care cleaners. They are non-corrosive and free from harsh chemicals hence won’t damage your car’s alloys. After spraying on the amassed brake dust on the wheel, you need to wait for a while to let it soak.

How To Take Care Of Your Car Wheels

Scrub with a soft wheel cleaning brush 

If the brake dust is hard, it will require firm scrub. Therefore, you can use a soft-bristled wheel cleaning brush to remove the dirt off the wheel. There are also specifically designed alloy wheel brushes available in the market, which can clean the most difficult dried-on wheel deposits.

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Wash and dry the car wheel

Now using the pressure washer, clean the car rim to get rid of any accumulated particles. Then dry the wheel using a microfibre cloth.

By following the aforementioned vital cleaning tips, you can maintain your car wheels and keep them fresh, new and rust-free for a longer duration.

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