Wheel Alignment And Its Importance

Published On 15-Apr-2022By TyreDekho Team

Having an improperly aligned car can have costly consequences. Here are the biggest reasons why wheel alignment is important.

Wheel Alignment And Its Importance

Plenty of things go into the maintenance of your vehicle so that it gives the best performance and offers the utmost safety. Correct wheel alignment is one of the crucial things that play a vital role in deriving apt performance from your vehicle. When the wheels are misaligned, it impacts the suspension setup and steering, leading to bigger problems, including premature tyre wear.

Here we list some of the most essential reasons wheel alignment becomes an absolute necessity. But before that, you may want to briefly know about wheel alignment and why they get out of alignment.

Wheel Alignment

Vehicles, just like other things, rely on accuracy to function properly, and safely. Tyres and wheels, which are the first point of contact with the surface, can get out of alignment due to imperfect road conditions, rough driving, or getting into an accident. In most cases, the front wheels are more vulnerable to displacement, as compared, to the rear wheels.

The process of wheel alignment is simple. The mechanic alters the geometry or adjusts the front and rear wheel suspensions. During the wheel alignment, the wheel angles, which are out of order, are corrected so that the vehicle steers perfectly during the drive. The wheels can be aligned using any of the three methods; toe, caster and camber. It is mostly performed during regular vehicle maintenance periods done by professionals.

Why is wheel alignment important?

Several problems can prop up due to wheel misalignment. The most visible sign is the pulling of the vehicle on either side or a problem in steering the vehicle correctly. Another sign is the vibration you would feel in the steering wheel while driving. In simple words, appropriate wheel alignment let you drive safely. The below points will further emphasize the importance of wheel alignment.

Impact on the fuel efficiency

Misaligned wheels can reduce the mileage by up to 10 per cent. Why? Because the car tyres would not roll freely and drag during the drive and make more effort for keeping the car straight. This extra effort costs extra fuel, which causes an extra burden on your pockets.

Smooth ride quality

When the vehicle tyres are misaligned, it will tend to pull either left or right, resulting in a bumpy, shaking or ride filled with vibration. On the contrary, correctly aligned wheels enhance the ride quality and offer a better riding experience.  

Improved steering and safety

It will be harder to steer a car with wheels out of alignment. You may find yourself grabbing the steering wheel at weird angles to keep your vehicle straight. This lack of control can increase the chances of your car meeting with an accident. Therefore, proper wheel alignment ensures safety.

Reduce expenses on repairs

In worst cases, the misaligned wheels can lead to an accident, besides giving you jolts on the way. And even if you manage to avert an accident, the continuous jolts you receive crossing potholes, bumps and other undulations can damage the suspension system and the tyres. So, spending a small amount on correcting the wheel alignment can prevent you from spending big bucks on auto repairs.

Long-lasting tyres

Wheels that are out of alignment would eventually lead to premature tyre wear. If you keep ignoring the misaligned wheels, you would find yourself at a tyre store buying a new pair of tyres.

Wheel alignment is typically performed at 8000-10000 kms or whenever you see your vehicle’s steering becoming weird. One of these conditions indicates that it's time to schedule a wheel alignment at your nearby service centre.

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