Why It Is Important To Check Tyre Pressure Every Month?

Published On 21-Mar-2022By TyreDekho Team

Tyre pressure check should be a routine part of maintenance for ensuring optimum performance and safety.

Tyre Pressure Check

In the hustle and bustle of daily life or, commuting to be exact, it is easy to brush aside the health of your tyre, especially if it appears new and in working order. However, neglecting this essential component for long, you will not only attract troubles for your tyres but also put your life at stake. And in worst-case scenarios, the other people and vehicles on the roads are also at risk.

It’s not always about a mere visual inspection, but a proper tyre pressure check by removing the valve and gauging the pressure inside. So, if you are not paying regular attention to your tyre, then this article is for you. It is important to get tyre pressure check once in a month due to below mentioned reasons.

Why Correct Tyre Pressure Is Important?

The tyre is the first point of contact with the road, and this reason is enough to state its importance. But there is more to it as 40 per cent of accidents are related to improper inflation of tyres.

Safety First

Incorrect tyre pressure will surely invite danger. Underinflated or low tyre pressure can make the braking unpleasant and adversely affect the handling. It also results in poor steering feedback. Underinflated tyres can be dangerous in emergency braking situations or where a sudden evasive manoeuvre is needed to avoid a direct collision.

Tyre Blowout

Under inflation is considered the most common cause of tyre blowout, accounting for around 75 per cent of the total cases. This happens due to excessive heat build-up as increased contact with the surface results in more friction. It eventually let the air escape rapidly, causing a blowout. Low tyre pressure also steadily disfigures the sidewalls of the tyres, affecting the performance.

Reduction in fuel efficiency

Budget-conscious buyers should take extra care of their tyres as underinflation will run through the fuel, causing an extra burden on the pockets. How? Low tyre pressure demands high rolling resistance and puts extra load on the engine, eventually decreasing the fuel efficiency.

Early Tyre Replacement

If you want your tyre to run longer, then it is an onus on you to keep a regular check on the inflation levels. Underinflation causes more rapid tread wear, and the tyre will be unable to maintain proper shape, especially the edges. And as a result, they will bend more while rolling. When tyres start developing irregular wear, then it will cut the overall life expectancy demanding an early replacement.

Uncomfortable Ride Quality

Contrary to underinflation, there is less to fear about overinflation, as modern-day tyres are capable of holding up high air pressures. However, consistent overinflation can be problematic, making ride quality uncomfortable and less compliant. Moreover, overinflation also causes rapid wear in the centre or middle section, leading to early replacement.

Is Once A Month Tyre Pressure Check A Good Strategy?

Now comes the most vital aspect of this talk. Some people who are careful about every aspect of their vehicle, typically check their tyres once a week. But from a more realistic point of view, a tyre check should be conducted at least once a month. This is because naturally tyre will lose pressure 1 or 2 psi in a month, and various other factors such as high and low temperatures can also play a role in decreasing the air pressure inside.

For example, if you properly inflate tyres on a hot day, the pressure inside can reduce rapidly if the weather gets colder suddenly. Though month-to-month this would not be an issue, if you are entering winter, and forget to check the air pressure of the tyre since summer, then it would have a major impact.

But to be on the safe side, a monthly check is a fine line, and this would not be a burden as nearly every fuel station offers a free air pressure check. Tyres perform best when they are correctly inflated and also reduce potential risks. So, make sure you get them checked once a month.

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