Happy Birthday - Continental Turns 150

Published On 08-Oct-2021By TyreDekho Team

Founded in 1871, Continental has developed into one of the world’s leading technology companies.

Happy Birthday - Continental Turns 150

Continental is celebrating its 150th birthday on October 8, 2021, making it one of the oldest companies in Germany. Founded in 1871, Continental has developed into one of the world’s leading technology companies.

“For 150 years, we have played a decisive role in shaping and advancing mobility worldwide,” said Nikolai Setzer, CEO of Continental.

“Our entire history has been marked by many challenges but – crucially – with plenty of success and sustainable growth, too. This has given us experience and kept us fresh and agile in our thinking. We are proud of our 150-year history and can look ahead with optimism and confidence because we have shown that we can transform. That’s the driving force behind our success.”

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“Continental has reinvented itself time and time again. We have also actively navigated difficult periods through our strength and creativity, viewing change as a challenge that opens up new possibilities,” added Dr. Ariane Reinhart, board member for HR and Sustainability.

“Responsibility and openness determine our actions. Our values such as “Trust” and “Passion To Win” underpin our corporate culture. This culture is the basis for our creativity and innovative capacity. And we embrace diversity. This is what our technological portfolio and our workforce stand for.”

Today, around 193,000 people work for Continental at more than 560 locations around the world.

“On our 150th anniversary, we are more international and diverse than ever before. And just like our trailblazing technological developments, we are also setting a standard here that extends beyond our industry,” said Reinhart.

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