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Tyre Upsize / Plus Sizing Calculator helps you to find the optimal tyre size, to which you can upgrade when you wish to install larger wheels on your car.

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There is a limit to which you can do this because, you cannot increase the total diameter (Rim + tyre cross section) of your tyre greater than 3% ( Read: How is it calculated? )

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Types of tyre upsizes

Tyre Image
Wheel Diameter
Plus 0
  • Width increases and Profile decreases but Diameter of your rim remains the same.
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Wheel Diameter
Plus 1
  • Width increases and Profile decreases further, Diameter of your rim increases by 1".
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Wheel Diameter
Plus 2
  • Width increases and Profile decreases further, Diameter of your rim increases by 2".

Things You Should Know

How Tyre upsizing affects your vehicle?
Things which are improved:
  • Adds a sleek and sturdier look to your car.
  • Steering response and handling is improved, Allows eased driving and better stability.
  • Provides a higher grip and traction, improves braking distance.
  • Helps the vehicle in high speed cornering.
Things to watch out for:
  • Fuel efficiency is decreased.
  • Speedometer and odometer no longer reads correctly.
  • Increased tread wear.
  • Tyre interchangeability is not always possible.
Method Used for Tyre Upsize Calculation

There is not much scope to increase the Total Diameter of the tyre that comes originally fitted in your car.

    Tyre Dimension Measurement
    Total Diameter = Wheel/Rim Diameter + Sidewall

This total diameter can only be increased by 3%, for a safe upsize of tyre. So, we calculate the total diameter for each tyre size and then compare this with the total diameter of the size that is originally fitted in your car.
If the difference lies within this range of 3 %, then only we would recommend that tyre.

Ask our Tyre expert

Mohan Kumarvia Facebook

Ramit, I am using a Honda diesel City 2014 with 175 65 R15 84T on original stock non-alloy rim. The good year tyre has worn out in less than 28000kmsand the front tyres are bald totally. Honda did not do tyre rotation at all, which I also not knew since i am not an expert in this domain. Now, I need to change the tyres for the good... Honda SA tell me that i can only go for stock specs of 175 65 R15 84T where as I have seen some of the Honda idtec diesel 2014 SV models have replaced to 185 65 R15, which I also want to ... ( but the honda SA says this will affect some thing like the axle pin or EPS or some tech stuff... ) please advise as it is due today. and i would request your answer even in my whatsapp 984040130
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Hello Mohan,

 Upsizing is a very common practice and if done correctly, has no side-effects. On the contrary, it helps you get better traction and more effective braking. You can very well go for 185/65 R15 84T as it is a valid upsize.

And if the stock Goodyear tyres haven't performed up to your expectations then you can go for other brands as well. Honda uses Bridgestone tyres also for OEM.  You can go for Bridgestone B290.

In fact, many Honda vehicles come equipped with Michelin Tyres also. So, you not necessarily have to stick to the stock specs. 

The usual trade off in upsizing is that the steering feels heavy, fuel efficiency drops and handling loses its precision. But this happens only when the upsize is not valid or the tyres are very wide. In your case, the increment is only of 10mm in width, nothing big.

And the stock Goodyear Assurance tyres are not bad, so, they shouldn't have worn out so easily. This time when you get new tyres make sure you get wheels properly balanced and tyres aligned.

Also, make it a habit of rotating tyres after every 5000 kms. This way, you will be able to extract mazimum tread life out of each tyre.


Ramit Anand



Saravana Babuvia Google

I am having Tata Zest XMA 1.3 90PS Quadrajet Diesel car. And here is a challenge, Today I encountered one of my front tyre went flat due to puncture in the side thread area, and the local puncture guy told me this can't be fixed and I have to change the whole tyre. For time being I have replace it with my stepney which is a tube tyre with stell rim. Rest all my four tyres (including the one got flat) are alloy wheels. Mine is OEM Bridgestone 185/60 R15 84T B250. Should I replace my flat one with the same as the other one in the front ? Thanks S.Bab
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Hello Saravana,

Seems like the puncture is in the sidewall and apparently any damage to sidewall is irrepairable and calls for a replacement. However, if the puncture isn't very major and if you do not want to replace the tyre immediately then you can go for a Mushroom-Puncture repair. But keep in mind that this will offer only a short term respite and soon you would have to replace the tyre anyway.

Since only one is damaged, it is best that you replace it with Bridgestone B250 only, in the same specs and size as the stock one. 


Ramit Anand

Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

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